Keep the place you spend your time getting clean - spotless! ENJO’s Bathroom range maintains cleanliness and calm, no chemicals or harsh ingredients, just fibre technology and water to effectively cut through dirt, soap and calcium build-up!

  • All Bathroom Products

    Our all-natural bathroom cleaning products have all your bathroom cleaning needs covered. Safer for your home and kinder to the environment, ENJO’s quality fibre bathroom products work in three simple steps.

  • Vanity/taps

    Bathroom vanities and tapware see a lot of use, ensure their long-lasting performance with ENJO. ENJO’s Fibre bathroom range removes daily mineral build-up gently with no chemicals, the best way to ensure your vanity and tapware is protected.

  • Showers

    ENJO is the quick and simple way to keep your shower and shower screen clean, streak and calcium free. The best way to clean your shower screen has to be chemical-free, no chemical residue and no watermarks.

  • Grout

    The best way to keep your bathroom grout clean and protected. ENJO’s fine fibres reach into the smallest crevice, and with just water, it’s the quick, easy and kind option for keeping tiles and grout clean and mould-free.

  • Bathtubs

    Remove tough stains, soap and calcium build-up fast, with a simple wet, wipe and dry. Perfect for acrylic, enamel and fibreglass bathtubs, utilising fibre cleaning technology and water for sparkling results.

  • Mirrors

    Streak-free, no watermarks and no chemical residue – just water and ENJO for amazing results on your bathroom mirror. It’s so simple, just wet, wipe and dry and ENJO easily cut through smudges and water droplets for the clearest reflection.

  • Calcium build-up

    Remove tough stains such as calcium and mould build-up from your bathroom in a way that’s kinder to the environment. ENJO's Bathroom range has all you need to remove built-up bathroom grime, keeping your bathroom clean and safe.