Car Glove

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Keep your car exterior clean from roof to rim with the ENJO Car Glove. Simply add water and ENJO’s handcrafted fibre glove removes dirt and dust particles while being kind to the paintwork. No harsh chemicals or chemical residue while reducing your water usage.


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06 Feb 2019
Really good

Good size glove and works grime off easily

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28 Jan 2019
Brilliant car mit

My husband asked me to replace the one he had used for too many years (10). He won't use anything else to clean the cars or van.

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27 Jan 2019
Fabulous product

This purchase was to replace the car glove that was many years old. Fantastic product. I can have my car clean simply and very quickly. No need to pay the car wash as Enjo makes it very easy and enjoyable to wash my car.

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Use On...
Cars, motorbikes, boats and trucks.
Use It...
Very wet.
How to Use
Simply fill half a bucket with water and wet the Car Glove. Starting from the roof (or cleanest area), wipe the car surface to loosen and lift dirt particles and build up. Rinse the Car Glove often in the bucket of water to remove particles and keep wet.