Calcium Dissolver 250ml

    Calcium Dissolver 250ml
    Hailed as the ENJO lime scale hero, our bathroom calcium dissolver, or calcium remover, has revolutionised the way we clean. Designed to assist the Bathroom Glove, Mini or Indoor Window Cleaner, our formula works hard on calcium build-up, making it easier for you to remove. You can also use our basin calcium remover for mould and rust stains caused from wet areas in the bathroom, toilet and laundry.

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    Miracle Calcium Dissolver
    This is the second time I have purchased the Calcium Dissolver.
    I love the fact that it works so well and is non toxic. I have dark tiles and it really does work miracles
    Review by Bronny / (Posted on 6/04/2017)
    Great product especially for cleaning the toilet bowl and tapware. With judicial use good for rust stains on clothing too.
    I have been cleaning with Enjo for over 16 years now and no other chemical free product keeps my toilet bowl in such great shape. I also use it diluted around my taps and to remove rust stains on clothing.
    Review by Nat / (Posted on 3/04/2017)
    Calcium rrmover not good but mits are great
    Have used the calcium remover 3 times now but just doesn't seem to be able to remove it. Otherwise the cleaning mits are great.
    Review by Michelle / (Posted on 1/04/2017)
    I used this recently for the first time. Very pleased with the results on all chrome, shower screens, tiles and toilet basin.
    Review by shelle / (Posted on 26/02/2017)
    Awesome product
    Have used this product for over 10 years in bathroom and toilet. Keeps my shower tiles and glass sparkling clean. Leaves a lovely fresh scent in the room
    Review by Margaret / (Posted on 23/11/2016)
    Works Brilliantly
    Moved a build up of calcium that I was unable to move with ease. Brilliant
    Review by Kym / (Posted on 31/08/2016)
    Good cleaning
    Really good staff, no strong smell. Cleans well.
    Review by QE / (Posted on 30/07/2016)
    New convert. Very impressed. Works extremely well.
    Review by Alison / (Posted on 28/07/2016)
    Life Saving!
    Have used this product since 1998, it is fantastic but I still think the original worked better with our artesian bore water
    Review by Fi / (Posted on 29/06/2016)
    Great alternative to harmful chemicals
    Been using it for years in my bathrooms and toilets. Very effective cleaner.
    Review by Lynn / (Posted on 21/05/2016)
    Best bathroom cleaner I've ever used
    It's amazing how you spray on & just wipes off shower screens...
    Review by June / (Posted on 21/04/2016)
    It is great! I have used it for years
    Review by Chris / (Posted on 14/04/2016)
    Calcium and lime dissolver
    Love it!!!
    Review by Lani / (Posted on 9/04/2016)
    I love this stuff, really good for the hard to clean water stains
    Review by Mish / (Posted on 4/04/2016)
    cant live with out it!
    so good for so many things!
    Review by gstar / (Posted on 21/03/2016)
    Great Product
    Great Product
    Review by Nar / (Posted on 18/02/2016)
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    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    What's it for?Removing stubborn stains including calcium, mould and rust from surfaces in the bathroom, laundry and toilet i.e. around taps, on shower tiles and screens or in toilets, the laundry and on windows to tackle bore water stains.
    How do I use it?To use, dilute 20 drops of shower calcium remover in 500ml of water. Apply to surface and allow to work for a few minutes, then use the Bathroom Glove or Mini to assist cleaning. Rinse area thoroughly with clean water, then dry using the Bathroom Miracle to retard the growth of further mould and bacteria.
    Features and functionsOur basin calcium remover is a concentrated formula. May cause discoloration to some surfaces so always test on an inconspicuous area first. Not suitable for marble, granite, brass or gold surfaces. Read the label before use.
    What's in it?Water, Non Toxic Mineral Acid (Phosphoric Acid), Oleamine Oxide (Peg - 2 Oleamine), Alcohol (C12-14 Pareth-6), Solubiliser (Sodium Cumene Sulfonate, Sodium Sulfate), Citrus fragrance and solvent (Limonene).
    Areas of useTaps, Tiles, Shower Screens

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