Bundle Spray Bottle 500ml

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ENJO allows you to refresh the way you clean and replace chemical sprays with just water. ENJO’s Trigger Spray Bottle is the only spray bottle you’ll need to ENJO-clean your home. Manufactured to the highest standard it’s made to last but is 100% recyclable too!



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15 Oct 2020
Spray Bottle

Love this spray bottle, still can spray upside down

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28 Aug 2020
Worth buying.

Yes, it's a water spray bottle - who doesn't have one floating around their house? However, this one is worth buying as the weighted tube inside allows you to spray at an angle and the high quality does make cleaning more enjoyable...if that's possible! Glad I bought it.

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19 Jul 2020

Love the heavy bit at end of sprayer as it keeps spraying.

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