Bundle Spray Bottle 500ml

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ENJO allows you to refresh the way you clean and replace chemical sprays with just water. ENJO’s Trigger Spray Bottle is the only spray bottle you’ll need to ENJO-clean your home. Manufactured to the highest standard it’s made to last but is 100% recyclable too!



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Lisa JP

04 Aug 2021
So very useful

Great design for this one, my friend has nicked mine forcing me to purchase another. Why had this not been thought of before…..

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02 Aug 2021
Awesome Product

This is the best spray bottle.
I didn’t buy it originally with my mop i was planning to use a spray bottle I already had but after a few times using a normal spray bottle that was driving me crazy I purchased this spray bottle. And so glad i did. Could not use any other spray bottle again.
It has a weight in it so can use it at any angle.
Super easy to use and makes cleaning quicker.
Would absolutely definitely recommend this.

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27 Jun 2021

This is a replacement for our previous one which has lasted for many years.

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