Bundle Colour Change Brush Cleaner

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Redefine your routine…

A brilliant beauty tool that allows you to clean your makeup brushes instantly, making switching shadow colours quick and clean. Apply and blend shadow like a pro, simply sweep your makeup brush across the reusable dry fibre disc to switch from smoky to subtle shades. There’s no need to wash and wait for your brushes to dry, the remaining colour pigment gets trapped within the colour-change fibre leaving a clean brush for your palette. Flip the disc to use both sides and wash the disc with your normal laundry load as required.

In harmony…

Streamline the makeup application and removal process by teaming your Colour Change Brush Cleaner with Santé Makeup Removers, just add water for a kind and caring way to remove your makeup.

Do good feel good…

Santé looks to introduce stylish and sustainable products that reduce our impact on the planet.