Bundle Calcium Dissolver 300ml

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ENJO’s Calcium Dissolver is specially formulated to complement the ENJO Fibres in the bathroom, toilet and utility area. The specially concentrated formula is full of high-quality fruit acids that help ENJO Fibres remove the heavy build-up of calcium and limescale deposits without harsh ingredients.

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11 Aug 2020
Little helper

This is great on showers that have been a little neglected, helps get all the soap grime off, great stuff

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06 Aug 2020
It does work well - no scrubing

Yes the product does work well, bought some 18yrs ago .. so needed a top up
Use as per instructions, dilute it … cloth and apply to areas, then go back and rub it say every 30min for 2-3min over a 4hr time frame …
I had stubborn stains … and well its gone …
It's lovely to see the correct colour of the shower floor once more!

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26 Jun 2020
This stuff is miraculous!

No Harsh smells, doesn't feel toxic to you hands and works a treat on super hard water.

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