Bundle Bamboo T-Towel Charcoal

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A quality kitchen must-have, ENJO’s super absorbent Bamboo T-Towel! Once you’ve tried an ENJO T-Towel there’s no turning back, a perfect kitchen companion for all your dish-drying needs, no streaks, no lint. Available in a range of colours.



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14 Nov 2020

Ok so ive gotta say im a big tea towel buyer i buy new ones every 3 months and have done for 20 or so years my daughter inlaw started selling enjo said you should buy these tea towels i had a laugh and said they best be good as you know how I am with my tea towels, well ive gotta say WOW WOW WOW im converted i absolutely love these wont buy anything else now im so amazed at how well they dry glass, plastic, pots and pans and my crystal and chopping boards no residue left behind and no fluff , they are a must have for me now.

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30 Sep 2020
Great tea towels

I’ve finally found tea towels that actually work! I ordered 6 in total - and have been able to throw out nearly the rest of the manky tea towels in the drawer.

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25 Jun 2020
Tea towel

I'm disappointed in this one, it's one sided and not as soft and absorbent as my 2 sided Enjo tea towel I've had for years. Same fibre como on tag, same description on website, different feel and absorbency. Sad

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