Breathe easy

If you use conventional products, getting the bathroom clean can contain some pretty dirty ingredients.

Among the worst offenders include chlorine bleach, ammonia, diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA), commonly found in all-purpose cleaners, disinfecting sprays + toilet cleaners.

While such cleaners claim to leave surfaces sparkling and germ-free, they also contribute to poor indoor pollution and can cause varying dangers to your health + the planet.

So how do you clean your bathroom effectively + without harsh ingredients? ENJO fibre technology and water offers a safe, simple + sustainable cleaning solution that...

✓ Protects your family's health

✓ Improves indoor air quality

✓ Protects bathroom fittings

✓ Reduces household waste

✓ Saves precious water




ENJO is proven to remove dirt 6x better than conventional methods. Just add water to clean.


Cleaning without chemicals means you + your family can breathe easy in the space you get clean in.


Waste-free + reusable, ENJO eliminates sprays, sponges, cloths + paper towels, and protects local waterways.



Bathroom Allpurpose Cloth Duo $72

(Valued at $84)

Get ready at a clean station. A must-have for a quick daily wipe over that's mess + germ free. Use to clean...

- Tapware

- Basins

- Vanities

- Mirrors

- Soap dispensers

- Doorhandles

- Walls




Toilet Duo $79

(Valued at $91)

INCLUDES: Toilet Mini, Toilet Miracle

Because the toilet deserves its own set of fibres. A distinguished red label sets your toilet cleaning tools apart from the rest.







How ENJO works

A simple wet, wipe, dry with ENJO fibre + water effectively lifts, traps and removes dirt and bacteria from surfaces.  


100-times finer than a human hair

large surface area / reaching into crevices


for more effective loosening + lifting

Water + fibre

creates capillary action to lift dirt + bacteria from surface

Expertly woven

to trap dirt and bacteria



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