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Body Cleanser Mini - Blush

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Feel oh-so-fresh with our space-saving skin care, perfect for keeping holiday skin camera worthy or your post-workout skin refresh.

Just add water and cleanse without chemicals to lift impurities without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Switch sides to exfoliate and reveal a velvety smooth complexion.

Now you have me, you no longer need
- body washes + soaps
- body scrubs
- loofahs + sponges

Our earth-loving cleanser is reusable for that oh-so-fresh feeling all year round.

Wash | weekly

Also available in Lilac and Midnight.


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14 Mar 2017
Great product but a little awkward to use

This is a good product but the travel size and being flat makes it quite hard to hold and use. The glove style would be much better. I wish I'd bought that instead

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