Body Cleanser - Blush

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For glowing skin all-over

Just add water to cleanse kindly, all-over, with zero chemicals. Lifting impurities without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Switch sides for your weekly glow-enhancing exfoliation with our extra-gentle exfoliating fibres.

Use dry or in the shower to exfoliate and polish.

Now you have me, you no longer need
- body washes + soaps
- body scrubs
- loofahs + sponges

Our earth-loving cleanser is reusable. Wash weekly.

Also available in midnight and lilac.


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02 Feb 2021
Body cleanser

I would have never thought this would work or make me feel clean. I use it before I go to bed and put lotion on. Makes my skin feel great

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31 Dec 2020
So soft

I have very sensitive skin and have been told by Doctors not to use soap. This glove is so soft and my skin feels fresh and clean after my shower. I love it!

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25 Aug 2020
Love it but hate the stitch In the middle

Love the Enjo cloth but don’t understand why you stitch the Cloth in the middle. Means large hands (like my husband) can’t use it and it’s just annoying

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Cleanse and exfoliate skin
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