Your new must-have

Is it a floor fibre? Is it a window cleaner? No, it’s the Multi Tool

It’s the ultimate tool for multi-purpose areas, designed to make cleaning hard to reach and narrow surfaces even easier. The latest addition to ENJO’s sustainable product range, the Multi Tool is a flat, slim line cleaning tool that effortlessly removes dirt with just water.

Keep reading to discover how the Multi Tool can help you expand your ENJO product range.

Indoor Multi Tool uses


You may be wondering “how does this new tool fit into the current ENJO range”? To put it simply, the Multi Tool is here to help you with all those tricky spaces. These may be the ones you’ve forgotten about or neglected outside of your usual cleaning routine. Here’s just some of the indoors uses for the new Multi Tool:

Walls, ceilings and cupboard doors


Your walls and cupboard doors are high contact areas and often build up smudges and bacteria. Ceilings on the other hand are low contact, but accumulate dust and cobwebs overtime. The Multi Tool is perfect for these scenarios, as it’s designed to cover large areas, along with all the anti-bacterial benefits of using ENJO’s fibre technology. You’ll really notice the difference after running the Multi Tool over these surfaces, and see the results of a complete clean.

Floors in small and narrow areas


The Multi Tool can make short work of annoying, hard to reach places. No more will you have to work around and clean those tricky areas by hand. We’ve got you covered with this more ergonomic alternative, which is designed for small, narrow areas. This includes that annoying space around the toilet that accumulates hair and dust and is a little too small for our Floorcleaner!

Outdoor Multi Tool uses


As the warmer weather approaches, it’s a great time to freshen up your outdoor spaces, so you can enjoy your outdoor areas in the sunshine! If you want to do a really good clean up before entertaining outdoors, then Multi Tool is your go-to. Here’s some of the ways you can use this fantastic new product outside the home:

High and hard to reach places



Do you have high or hard to reach outdoor surfaces (not just windows) that are difficult to clean? We have the ladder-free solution for cleaning these easily. Lightweight and durable, attaching your Multi Tool to the Telescopic Pole makes cleaning these places easy.

Outdoor windows


Cleaning your outdoor windows with the Multi Tool means cleaning them without chemicals. Not only does this have amazing results, but it also comes with extra benefits other window cleaners can’t offer! Firstly, it’s better for your health. Most conventional window cleaning products contain a mix of chemical ingredients that work to prevent streaks and dissolve dirt on your outdoor windows. To clean your windows, ENJO Fibres require water only.

Additionally, chemical free cleaning can save you time! Doing your windows with traditional products means buffing away until you have a streak-free finish. If you accidently use too much product, you can be there for even longer (or be left with unsightly streaks). Cleaning your outdoor windows with the Multi Tool is as simple as wet, wipe and dry.

Caravans, boats, car roofs and garage doors 



Being exposed to the elements, these areas build up dirt and water marks. To keep them looking clean, run the Multi Tool over the exterior surfaces as required. This tool is also very handy whilst cleaning your car. Being your go-to accessory for surfaces that are typically beyond reach, it’s great for the car roof. 




Given the number of chemicals already required to sustain the balance of pool water, it’s best not to add anymore! That’s why the Multi Tool is the perfect cleaning accessory for your summer haven. It’s great for refreshing the pool walls, and helping out with any areas the creepy-crawly can’t get to. 

Perfect Partners 


Telescopic Pole


Make the most of your Multi Tool with the Telescopic Pole. You’ll be able to clean surfaces typically beyond reach! This tool is designed so that you can clean your home’s high surfaces with ease. Lightweight yet durable, the ENJO Telescopic Pole can be adjusted to any length and is extremely versatile in combination with all ENJO hardware.




A must-have for cleaning tricky places. With four adjustable angles, the Twister gives your Multi Tool the freedom to access all areas when connected to the Telescopic Pole.


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