Your guide to a cleaner kitchen

Enjoy a cleaner kitchen by changing how you think about your cleaning products


We rely on our cleaning supplies to maintain a clean and fresh home.

A clean kitchen is important for so many reasons, most notably our health.

However, a clean kitchen can mean more than just grease-free appliances and crumb-free countertops.

A cleaner kitchen can make a difference to your health, home and the planet.

What is a cleaner kitchen?


How you clean your kitchen matters. 

It's important you can trust your cleaning supplies to clean your kitchen effectively, but have you ever consider how else your cleaning routine might impact your life, health and the planet?

You can achieve a cleaner kitchen by switching to a reusable, chemical-free cleaning routine, here's why.

A cleaner kitchen reduces waste

Traditional cleaning products may clean our homes but they are creating a huge mess for the planet.

Waste is already a huge problem in Australia, and it keeps growing.

Our ecological footprint measures how fast we consume resources and generate waste, compared to how fast nature can absorb waste and generate new resources.

Short-lived, daily-use items are a problem when it comes to waste and cleaning products fall into this category.

Plastic bottles, disposable dishcloths, sponges and paper towel all have a fast turnover when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean.

You can create a cleaner kitchen by choosing reusable products that help lower your ecological footprint. 

A cleaner kitchen keeps the air clean


Poor air quality is a leading contributor to the global disease burden.

Studies show that the air inside our homes is already 5-times more polluted than outside air, and we spend 80-90% of our time indoors.

Aerosol and spray cleaning products release VOCs and chemicals into the air where they linger making them easy to breathe in and cause both short and long-term problems. 

A cleaner kitchen considers alternatives to chemicals when cleaning to avoid compromising your home's indoor air quality.

Learn more about improving your home's indoor air quality.

A cleaner kitchen protects waterways

As a country that experiences extreme heat and prolonged droughts, we’re really bad at conserving water.

Most Australian homes waste 80% of the planet's most important resource.

Even though we have wastewater treatment systems in place, between 80,000 and 140,000 chemical contaminants from cleaning products can be found in our wastewater (most are non-biodegradable).

If chemicals can’t be treated they end up in rivers and lakes impacting ecosystems and entering food chains.

A cleaner kitchen helps reduce water waste and prevents chemicals from going down the drain and impacting local environments and wildlife.

A cleaner kitchen considers emissions

We all have a carbon footprint, it’s really difficult not to when most things around us are powered by the burning of fossil fuels.

There are things we can do to minimise our carbon footprint, and considering the products you buy is one of them.

Before you invest in your cleaning supplies do some research. Ask yourself, how are these products made? Can you recycle the packaging? How long will this product last? What happens to the product when it's useful life is over?

For a cleaner kitchen look for companies that offset their production emissions. Invest in products that are long-lasting and can be recycled or upcycled after use.

Interested in learning more about a cleaner kitchen?


Learn more about how ENJO works and how it can make a difference to your home, health and planet.


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