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Why your floors might not be as clean as you think

The products you use to keep your floors clean make a big difference to their cleanliness. Find out why your floors might not be as clean as you think


There are things you can do to keep your floors clean for longer, but ultimately, the cleanliness of your floors comes down to two things.

How often you clean your floors and the tools you use to keep your floors clean.

How often should you clean your floors?


Clean floors are important for helping maintain a healthy home.

This is especially important right now.

Cleaning your floors twice a week as part of a regular cleaning routine is a great place to start. However, as families are spending more time together at home right now, a more frequent floor cleaning routine is beneficial.

Why is floor hygiene important?


When it comes to hygiene at home the main focus is naturally on high-contact areas – the things we touch all the time, like door handles, light switches and countertops.

This means your floors can often be overlooked when it comes to hygiene.

Even though we’re don’t often bend down to touch the floor, we’re picking things up off the floor every day.

Dirt and germs accumulate on your floors continually. Most won’t cause harm, however, as good hygiene and cleaning are so important right now, staying on top of your floors is the best thing for your home and health.

Why your floors might not be as clean as you think

Even if you’re cleaning your floors daily, the way you clean makes a difference to their cleanliness.

Traditional string head mops have been a floor-cleaning staple for many households.

Your floors might smell clean after cleaning with a mop and detergent, but they probably aren’t as clean as you think, here's why.

How cleaning your floors with a traditional string mop works


Traditional string or strip head mops are made up of long fibre strands that drag across the floor surface.

Like a paintbrush, they spreading water and detergent across the surface.

The long strands and tassel-like structure mean not all fibres are touch or cleaning the surface effectively.

The mop fibres quickly become saturated and unless you’re changing the water frequently, you’re dipping your mop head back into dirty water.

Not only does this make the mop less efficient, but string mop fibres also don’t have the ability to trap dirt, which means you’re moving dirt around the room.

After cleaning with a string mop it’s important to clean the head to prevent bacteria from growing in the fibres between cleans and replace them every 2-3 months.

Cleaning with fibre technology is different, here's how.

How cleaning your floors with an ENJO Floor Fibre works

Every aspect of the ENJO floor cleaning system is designed to give the optimum clean.

For example, each Floor Fibre is made up of ultra-fine ENJOtex fibres that are 100-times finer than a single human hair and uniquely wedge-shaped.

The wedge shape design of the fibre works to effectively loosen dirt from the floor efficiently.

The fibres being so fine, have a large surface area and can reach into crevices easily.

Unlike a string mop that drags across the floor, the ENJO Floor Fibre is designed to sit flat against the floor, optimising the contact the fibres have with the surface.

The fibres mechanism of cleaning is different too.

Instead of requiring detergent and a bucket of water, the ENJO floor fibre needs minimal water to clean.

The ultra-fine fibres and water together create a capillary action.

This means the dirt that has been loosened by the wedge shape fibre is then drawn up and becomes trapped in the weave. Lifting and trapping the dirt means you’re not just moving it around your floor.

Unlike the string mop, there are ENJO Floor Fibres designed to suit different floor types.

They are also reusable for 3 years, simply wash between 40-60°C and hang out to dry.

Want to learn more about cleaning your floors with ENJO?

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