When and why you should update your ENJO cleaning products

How often do you update your ENJO fibres? Read what ENJO customers have to say about refreshing their fibres


One of the best things about cleaning chemical-free is how long you can go without buying new cleaning supplies.

Reusable cleaning products offer a level of convenience to your cleaning routine that can’t be underestimated.

Simply wash to refresh your ENJO cleaning fibres and you’re good to go.

But how long can you clean this way before you need to replace your ENJO cleaning products?

How long do ENJO cleaning products last?


Every home has a slightly different cleaning routine, meaning some people will use their fibres more than others.

However, the great news is, if you’re washing your ENJO products on average once a week – they are going to be effective at cleaning your home for 3 whole years.

Why do ENJO fibres need replacing after 3 years?

Like most things, long-term use will eventually causes ENJO fibres to become worn.

Fibres might begin to thin in areas, or start to clump together both making the cleaning power of the ENJO fibre less effective. 

How can you tell when your fibres need replacing?  

There are 3 simple ways to tell if you ENJO fibres need replacing.

Inspect your fibres

Look for signs of ageing, thinning or clumping.

Compare their cleaning power

Organise for a local ENJO consultant to come test out  new products in your home to see the difference.

Check your date of purchase

If you use your products regularly, log in to your ENJO account to check the date of purchase.

The biggest reason to update your fibres


Often ENJO users don’t realise their products aren’t performing as well as they used to.

It’s a slow decrease in effectiveness you might not notice, until you replace your products.

When the times right, replacing your ENJO fibres brings back quick, effective, convenient cleaning that made you fall in love with ENJO in the first place.

Don't take our word for it, these real ENJO reviews say it all.

Keeps getting better and better

Just replaced my old bathroom kit after 3 years. ENJO just keeps getting better and better. Love the new sponge. The rough side gets into all the crevices and makes short work of lime scale. Didn't think the miracle could get any better but it has. Love ENJO.

– Cathy G


I replaced my fibres with this pack and love them. I didn't realise how used my other ones were until I swapped to these.

– AC

Why would you use anything else?

I've been using ENJO products for 16 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how amazing they are. I've just received my latest replacements and just when you think they can't improve, they have wowed me again, especially the drying cloth. It's even more absorbent now than ever.

– Jen

Excellent results

Very happy and impressed with my new kitchen bundle. My last bundle lasted over 5 years after being used on a daily basis. This new bundle is so much more improved.

– Smiley16


Updated set

Amazing - I have just replaced my Kitchen set (originally bought in 2014) all I can say is WOW.

– Sarah G

New fibres

I’ve been an ENJO user for many years, did not realise how old my fibres were until I started using the new ones.

– Bunny

These new fibres are even better than my original ones. Why-oh-why did I wait so long to replace?

These new fibres are even better than my original ones. Why-oh-why did I wait so long to replace?

– Cranky Sue

Wonderful all over again.

I have been using my bathroom ENJO collection for 6 years now. My daughter-in-law sent me the special promotion for the bathroom bundle for $99. I decided it was time I updated. I can't believe how good my new ENJO is. My bathroom is shining. Renew your ENJO is my new moto. Don't wait 6 years like I did.

– Joan

I updated my floor cloths and thank goodness I did the new ones I have are brilliant

I had the original floor and loved it. Love the new one more.

– Suzanne

How to get the most out of your ENJO cleaning products

When investing in reusable cleaning supplies, looking after them is important. You want them to last and clean your home effectively for as long as possible.

Follow these tips for getting the most out of your cleaning products

Clean with care

It’s important to remember that ENJO cleaning products are designed to clean with just water.

General use with other products could coat the fibres shortening their lifespan.

Avoid cleaning hot surfaces, this can damage the ENJO fibre.

Care for your ENJO fibres

Caring for your ENJO fibres is easy.

Simply wash when dirty in the ENJO Laundry bag that came with your purchase at 40-60°C.

Avoid softener (this can coat the fibres and make them less effective), bleach and tumble drying.

After washing, give your fibres a little shake and hang out to air dry.

Send back old ENJO Fibre for upcycling

We don’t want old ENJO Fibres to end up as part of the global waste problem.

To divert old products from landfill, ENJO International upcycle old fibres into car seats and home insulation.

If your fibres need replacing, please contact Customer Care to arrange sending them back to us.

Save money when you update your fibres

When it comes time to refresh your fibres, hold an ENJO Demo to save on your new products.

Holding a Demo comes with heaps of benefits*, including a free room Bundle, 50% off an individual product and credit to spend as you please.

*Terms and conditions

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