What really happens to all the plastic?

What really happens to all the plastic?

Earth Day 2018 is getting us thinking about plastic, and all those things we don’t even think about when we buy single-use plastic

How can one of the most useful materials humans have ever created be ruining the planet? There’s no denying plastic is super useful, so useful, that 300 million tonnes of it are sold every year1. It’s a revolutionary material that’s ubiquitous in our modern lives, so how is it now becoming such a problem?

Plastics versatility and longevity started off as major plus points, but over time, they have become the problem. Plastic doesn’t actually break down, it only breaks up, and because it’s so useful, it’s been used to make so many things that are going to be staying put, or breaking up on this planet. 

What makes matters worse is that 90% of the plastic sold every year is thrown away after one use.

Just think, all the plastic that already exists won’t be going anywhere, but every single day we are introducing more and more plastic products into the environment.

Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018 is paying much-needed attention to the plastic problem by looking to raise awareness, mobilise change and provide useful alternatives to disposable plastics.

What can you do to help?


Start by signing the end plastic pollution petition. As much as we can make changes to our own lifestyle, it’s so important changes are made by the big corporations who use plastic to package their products every day.


Change your mindset. Yes, plastic pollution can seem like a problem too big to take on, but every little does help. Here are 12 plastic you can remove from your life today!


This one’s simple, educate others. If you have kids, explain the importance of choosing sustainable, reusable products and to avoid pointless packaging. Share social posts and content about sustainable living on social media.


Support campaigns that support Earth Day like 4Ocean. We know the plastic already existing on this planet is only going to break-up, 4Ocean sell recycled plastic bracelets, and for each bracelet sold, one pound of trash is pulled from the ocean. So far 4Oceans have pulled 507,163 pounds of trash from the ocean, which equates to 230,000kg.


Check out the plastic pollution calculator to figure out how much plastic, and what type of plastic you’re using in a year. Then use the Earth Day resources available to help reduce your annual use of single-use plastics.


Planting trees helps off-set carbon emitted during the production of plastic. So plant a tree or donate to one of the many charities that plant trees to make a difference.


Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. We can definitely help you here, ENJO products not only clean your home more effectively with just water, meaning zero plastic chemical bottles, they are long-lasting (up to three years) and the materials used to produce our fibre cleaning products are upcycled into home insulation or car seats.





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