• 02 Aug 2016
We’ve got the post-election power

Do your bit to keep the political conversation alive.

After eight weeks of political-information-overload, followed by 8 days of suspense as they counted up the votes, with a reshuffle to his cabinet Mr Turnbull settles back into the top spot for another term.

Election time brings with it a mixed bag of emotions, from passion, to indifference…maybe even despair, unfortunately, no size fits all when it comes to parties and their promises. But no matter what your political persuasion, we should all take a moment to appreciate our opportunity to be heard.

Along with the good intentions, exciting prospects and optimism for great times ahead, sadly, there comes the ugly slander campaigns and obnoxious debates…hardly inspiring! The negative press can taint our outlook and make our all-empowering decision seem a bit of a chore…when really, above all else, the election season should be viewed as an opportunity to get educated, consider issues important to us, and have our say.

The outcome of the vote may not have been exactly what you’d hoped, but we believe in continuing our investment in the political conversation. As the debates die down we want to encourage Australians to keep their finger on the pulse of the issues that matter most to them, and bring about change in their own lives to help the cause.

It will come as no surprise that we’ll be closely monitoring policies related to reducing our country’s carbon emissions and looking after the precious places we’re so fortunate to call home. Passionate about sustainable living and driven by a zero waste movement, ENJO would like to see more Australian businesses take responsibility for their impact on the environment. As producers of alarmingly high waste statistics, things need to change, and as pioneers for chemical-free cleaning, we know that even small changes to daily habits can have hugely positive effects on our environment.

Employment is another issue close to our hearts; advocating small business success, ENJO are keen to see improvements to the job market under the new government and observe better support for those entering and returning to the workforce. As an independent business, ENJO has created and shared entrepreneurial success for the bold and business-savvy all around Australia, and even in the current climate ENJO continues to provide opportunity, encouragement and guidance for those wanting to shape their own success.

As intrepid leaders, for ENJO, leaving it all up to one government party isn’t an option; we believe that every little bit helps, and we can all make a difference to the issues that matter to us, and that starts with keeping the conversation alive! To learn more about ENJO, our values and the opportunity to start your own business, visit our homepage at www.enjo.com.au.

25 Sep 2016
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