We compared 4 dust-cleaning tools, here’s what we discovered

If you suffer from asthma and allergies, you need this dust-magnet in your cleaning kit (and it's currently on offer)

Close up image of very dusty dark wood floorboards

Not all dust-cleaning tools were created equal.

The tools you use to clean dust can make a big difference to the dust-levels in your home. 

Why does cleaning dust feel like a never-ending task?

A picture of light coming through a doorway. The light streaming through the doorway highlights lots of airborne dust particles.

Cleaning dust is hard for two reasons.

Number one, dust is building all the time.

Number two, dust becomes airborne during the cleaning process.

Once the dust is floating around in your living spaces it’s impacting your home’s indoor air quality (a nightmare if you suffer from asthma and allergies), and it makes dust impossible to actually clean.

What’s the solution to cleaning dust effectively?

There are low-effort solutions to help minimise dust in your home and improve the quality of the air (such as introducing helpful houseplants), but the real solution to effectively removing dust from your home comes down to your dusting tools.

The secret? Finding a dusting solution that picks up dust with minimal dust dispersal.

We put four dust-cleaning tools to the test – here’s what happened.

The dust test

Close up image of the corner of a dark wooden table, covered in dust with finger marks cutting through the dust.

Siegfried Lerchbaumer, an expert on ambient air hygiene, ran a test to measure the level of respirable dust pollution during the dust-cleaning process of four different dust cleaning products.

Essentially he measured how much dust became dispersed during the cleaning process. Less dust dispersed when cleaning indicates effective dust-cleaning and vice versa.

The dust cleaning tools put to the test

This image is split into four images, one showing a broom, one showing a vacuum, one showing the ENJO Dust Floor Fibre and one showing a dust mop

1. Broom

2. Dust mop

3. ENJO Dust Floor Fibre

4. Vacuum

The dust test method

Each dust-cleaning product was tested on its dust cleaning ability on the exact same cleaning surface with the same amount of dust.

To measure how effective each product is at cleaning dust, the amount of dust dispersed into the air during the cleaning process was measured.

Thus, the results will indicate how much dust is actually removed during the cleaning process by measuring how much becomes airborne and impossible to clean.

The dust test results

The amount of dust dispersed during the cleaning process varied greatly.

1. Broom | approx. 1300µg/m3

2. Dust mop | approx. 2600µg/m3

3. ENJO Dust Floor Fibre | approx. 200µg/m3 

4. Vacuum cleaner | approx. 200µg/m3

Respirable dust pollution was highest using a conventional dust mop and lowest using ENJO's Dust Floor Fibre and vacuum. 

The dust test conclusion

The ENJO Dust Floor Fibre created 13-times less dust pollution compared to the conventional dust mop, indicating the fibres superior ability to trap dust instead of dispersing dust. 

How do ENJO dust fibres work?

ENJO fibres aren’t like any other fibre cleaning products on the market. The technology woven into every fibre is patented, meaning it offers a one-of-a-kind clean that can’t be replicated.

The fibres are super fine, 100-times finer than a human hair, perfect for trapping dust.

To help clean dust even more effectively, when the fibres pass across a surface they create a static charge that attracts dust like a magnet.

The unique weave then holds on to the dust, preventing dust and hair from becoming airborne and resettling after the cleaning process.

The fibres also have a subtle polishing effect, leaving a smooth shine after you dust.

You don’t need a single chemical – making ENJO dust fibres the healthiest way to keep your home free from dust.

How do you dust your home with ENJO?

Image shows a coffee table with potted plant, coffee cup and other decorative objects. A lady's arm is visible dusting the coffee table with the ENJO Dust Glove  

Cleaning dust with ENJO couldn’t be simpler, just follow four simple steps for your top-to-bottom dust cleaning solution.

Step 1 - dust hard-to-reach areas

Don’t make the cleaning mistake of starting from the ground up, the most effective way to remove dust means starting from the top.

Cleaning light fittings, ceiling fans and picture rails with the ENJO Dust Flexi is easy. Simply swipe over surfaces for ENJO’s dust-catching fibres to attract and trap dust.

To dust high surfaces attach the Dust Flexi to ENJO’s Floorcleaner pole.

Step 2 - dust furniture and appliances

To lift dust from furniture, plants, TVs – anything in your home that’s gathering dust. Simply pop on the Dust Glove and wipe your surfaces.

Step 3 - dust your floors

Wait 20 minutes to allow any dust that hasn’t been trapped in the fibre to settle on the floor, then pick up by the Dust Floor Fibre.

The Dust Floor Fibre is part of the best-selling ENJO floor cleaning system. Team the Dust Floor Fibre with the Floor Fibre designed to clean the floors in your home for clean floors fast.

Simply attach the Floor Fibre to your Floorcleaner and sweep your floors

Step 4 - clean your reusable dust fibres

After you’ve picked up the dust from your floors, simply dust bust your dust fibres or shake them out outside. Wash your fibres as required. 

Introducing ENJO’s Dust Range

This image is split into three styled images. Left-hand image shows the orange ENJO Dust Glove on a wooden side table with potted plant. The middle image shows ENJO's orange Dust Floor Fibre on the ground with a wooden stool and stack of magazines behind the floor fibre. The right-hand image shows ENJO's orange Dust Flexi lying across a magazine with a decorative vase in the background.


ENJO’s Dust Range, also known as the ultimate dust-busting trio, includes everything you need to keep the air in your home clean and dust-free from top to bottom.

Did you know ENJO fibres are long-lasting?

Image shows ENJO's orange Dust Glove, ENJO's blue Fabric Glove and ENJO's white Bathroom Glove hanging on a washing line to dry.

ENJO's dust-cleaning range is entirely reusable and super long-lasting. This means dust-free living for years with minimal waste. 

Learn more about reusable cleaning products and how ENJO has been creating cleaner homes and cleaner air with the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund.

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Or book an ENJO Demo to see ENJO’s dust range in action in your own home (you could even get your dust-busting tools for free). 

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