Want a clean kitchen until 2021? Then you need to buy this

A clever kitchen range that lasts 3 years


What is the most important thing you consider when purchasing kitchen cleaning products?

When we’re talking about the kitchen (where we store, prep and cook our food), effectiveness is a must - it’s important that whatever we’re using to clean-up actually works.

But have you ever thought about how long your cleaning products are going to last?

Probably not, but we’re here to tell you about a cleaning range that is proven to be more effective than chemicals, will keep your kitchen clean until 2021, and will not only benefit your life but the planet too.

Why how long your cleaning products last matters 

Sustainable living is a hot topic, and that’s because it’s so important.

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to products that help improve and streamline our lifestyle, but unfortunately, ways in which to effectively upcycle or recycle our waste is still playing catch-up.

We’re loading up landfill and oceans with our waste and it’s the products we use daily that have the biggest impact.

Most cleaning products require regular replacement, and the product and its packaging go to waste. Plus, most commercial cleaning products contain chemicals that pollute waterways and are produced on a huge scale with little thought to green production.

If every household in Australia uses disposable cleaning products the waste is significant, which is why longer lasting cleaning products matter. But how can a cleaning product be made to last?

How do long-lasting cleaning products work? 

Long-lasting cleaning products are essentially reusable cleaning products, and they work because they utilise innovative technology, are made from quality materials, and can effectively clean again (and again) after being washed. 

ENJO’s Kitchen Bundle contains 5 kitchen cleaning products that will replace your kitchen spray and wipe cleaner, your kitchen cleaning cloth, sponge, scourer, drying cloth and paper towel for 3 whole years. Here’s how.

1. Innovative technology

ENJO can clean your entire kitchen without chemicals by using its patented fibre technology.

Made in Austria in a region renowned for their textile expertise, each ENJO fibre is 100-times finer than a human hair with a wedge-shape to effectively loosen and lift dirt. The composition and weave of the ENJO fibre range are designed to suit the surface and the purpose it’s cleaning, making them perfect for physically trapping and removing dirt and bacteria.

2. Quality raw materials

ENJO fibres are made from quality, environmentally-responsible (oeko-tex certified) raw materials that are extremely durable and thus long-lasting. Each fibre product is hand sewn and then individually quality checked to make sure they will stand the test of time. 

3. No chemicals required 


No harsh chemicals when cleaning is positive for the environment and is a contributing factor for why ENJO products last so long. No chemicals means no damage to the weave and material. 

4. Wash it, don't waste it 

If you’re new to ENJO, washing your cleaning products may seem odd, but it’s the foundation for what makes ENJO a sustainable product. When your fibres are dirty, you simply pop in the laundry bag provided and wash on cool with eco-detergent. It’s so simple and so effective. 

What are the benefits of long-lasting cleaning products? 

Shop less 
You might consider shopping fun, but probably not when you’re shopping for cleaning supplies. Just think, no more running out of products, no more supermarket cleaning aisle – you have everything you need to clean your kitchen until 2021.

Save more 
How much you spend on cleaning products is probably hard to track when you’re topping up here and there, but you might be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Making one purchase (or splitting it with Afterpay or zip pay) for the next 3 years means you can better track your spending and saving.

Cleaner surfaces 
Buying long-lasting cleaning products does not mean you’re compromising on effectiveness. We’ve proven clean doesn’t have to mean chemicals, and our ENJO Business owners love to wow new customers with how well our products work.

Cleaner air
When we spend around 90% of our time indoors, we want to be breathing in clean air, but often the air inside your home is around 5 times more polluted than the air outside1, cleaning with water and fibre technology is a great way to help prevent indoor air pollution in your home.

Less waste
This is a big one, just think about how many paper towels, sponges, cleaning cloths and all-purpose spray you would buy over three years, just think if every household in Australia buys the same. By changing the way we clean, collectively our impact on the health of the planet is huge.   

Zero waste
Not only are we talking less waste, we’re also talking zero waste. ENJO don’t want to see a single ENJO cleaning product end up in a landfill, which is why after 3 years when your products are less effective you simply contact ENJO HQ to send your fibres back. Old fibres are then upcycled into home insulation or car seats, making them a truly zero waste product.

Does a clean kitchen for 3 whole years appeal to you? 

Between 1-11 November the ENJO Kitchen Bundle valued at $227, is just $149 when you hold a Demo (that's less than a $1 a week). Great value and a great way to see ENJO in action, learn more about cleaning chemical-free and support a local ENJO Business owner.

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