Top tips for a clean (and kind) laundry load

Top tips for a clean (and kind) laundry load

Guilt-free laundry liquid has arrived, find out how to protect your clothes and the environment by making a commitment to a natural laundry detergent

It’s true, we’re all about cleaning with water and fibre technology, but our natural helpers were a must.

The reason being, ENJO is perfect for keeping the surfaces in your home clean, but when it comes to other household chores, like laundry, we wanted to offer a solution that was kind to skin, the environment, but most importantly, one that works.

About our Natural Helpers

Just like our fibre products, our Natural Helpers Collection is made in Austria and has been created with the environment in mind. Harnessing the natural cleaning power of plant and mineral extracts, our natural helper’s formulas are free of harsh ingredients (including phosphates, parabens and SLS), environmentally sustainable (palm oil free), and are ultra-concentrated allowing us to offer great value.

Now more than ever we are conscious of our impact on the planet, and reducing the use of household chemicals that wash down the drain is another small step towards a positive impact to your health and the environment.

Pick the right detergent

Choosing the right laundry liquid can make a huge difference to the cleanliness of your clothes and the state of the environment. For a truly green load, you want to avoid detergents that include phosphates, parabens and SLS. When these chemicals mix with the water in your machine, yes they help clean your clothes, but then they flow from your machine and end up in the environment. These chemicals can cause an imbalance to ecosystems and are harmful to aquatic life; and if you have sensitive skin, they can cause irritation too. Mineral and plant-based options will clean your clothes just as well while lessening the impact on you and the environment.

Watch our mineral-based Laundry Liquid in action.

Wash on cool

When using your washing machine, 90% of the machine's energy goes towards making the water warm, so if you choose to wash your clothes on a cold wash, you’re significantly reducing your energy consumption. Cold water works just fine with detergent for general cleaning and stain removal, so set your temperature to cool and save energy and money on each load.

Choose concentrate 

This is a great option for reducing packaging waste and the amount of detergent entering into the waterways. Opting for concentrate also saves you money too. Wins all around.

Choose recyclable packaging

Even the most concentrated laundry liquids will eventually run out, so make sure you opt for refillable laundry liquids (if possible) and recyclable packaging.

ENJO’s Natural Helpers Collection packaging is made from PET 1 grade, 100% recyclable plastic, owing to the high demand for remanufacture of this material and the lightweight nature which reduces energy for both production and transportation.

Remember to recycle your bottle effectively:
1 Wash your empty bottle thoroughly
2 Remove the bottle lid and label
3 Place in your recycling bin

Wash a full load

This may sound obvious, but it’s an important one. The energy, carbon emissions and waste from using your machine on a less-than-full cycle all adds up, and when you think about it, you’ll spend more time doing laundry if you’re doing half-loads. Spend less time on laundry and wait till you have enough for a full load.

Choose an energy efficient machine

Energy efficient washing machines use up to 25% less energy and approximately 45% less water than those not certified energy efficient, and generally have a larger capacity for fewer loads. So when it comes time to replace your current machine, do your research and opt for the most efficient model within your budget.

Hang your clothes out to dry

For the majority of the year in Australia, hanging your laundry out to dry is not going to be a problem, so make the most of our sunny climate and hang your laundry out to dry! It saves energy and money. During the winter months, if you do have to use your tumble dryer, make sure you clean the filter regularly to ensure it’s functioning efficiently.

Wear your clothes more than once

This is the simplest solution to saving time and energy but also making your clothes last longer. Continual washing with even the kindest detergent will eventually take its toll on your clothes. Spot clean stains with the ENJO Fabric Glove as soon as they happen, and only wash your clothes when they are dirty.

Remember to take care of your machine

Washing machines save us a lot of time and effort, so remember to take care of your machine for the best results. Cleaning the drum, draw and filters regularly will prevent the build-up of detergent, calcium and lint and will keep your machine cleaning your clothes efficiently. Clean with ENJO, for one less chemical contributing to your laundry life.


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