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5 tips for living a more low tox life

How low-tox is your lifestyle? 

Life is busy, and it’s not often you get the opportunity to stop and think about the decisions you make and how you’re living your life. Our daily routines evolve over time, and although our routines will never be faultless (we’re only human) there are often simple solutions that could help change your lifestyle for the better.

What is a low tox life?

The term ‘low tox life’ was coined by Alexx Stuart, educator and now author of Low Tox Life who has created a positive movement that’s all about making better choices for your health and the planet – something that definitely peaks our interest.

Essentially living a low tox life is about putting your health and the health of the planet first when making purchasing decisions. We know what you’re thinking, we don’t want to feel guilty every time we make a decision either, but Alexx insists a low tox life is not about being perfect, it’s about doing your best and making changes to your life that work for you, whether that be from a personal health or environmental perspective.

Why is a low tox life important?

The main thing to remember is that in 2018 living a completely organic and toxin free life isn’t really possible, but as human beings with access to a wealth of information about our own health and the health of the planet, we are more than aware of the problems our current lifestyles are creating and leaving behind for future generations.

Some of the statistics we hear about the state of the planet or how products could be affecting our health are staggering, and the idea of being able to make a difference quickly becomes overwhelming, which is why the idea of low tox living is so important. Yes, reversing the problem may not be an option, but slowing it down and seeking solutions is well within our capabilities and can actually make us feel good about life.

The statement ‘it’s only one straw’ said 8 billion people, sums up the movement perfectly, coming together as a community can mean big change by small actions. 

How to live a low tox life

Living a low tox life can mean making changes to a number of scenarios in your life from the products you buy and food you eat to how you travel and keep your home clean.

Here are 5 simple low tox changes you can make to feel good about your health and the planet.

Add plants

Bringing the outside in is a quick, simple and beautiful way to introduce low tox living to your home life. Plants bring with them a sense of calm, but even better than that, they actually help clean the air. Indoor air tends to be more polluted, and certain plants work to help filter out formaldehyde and other toxic particles from the air.

Natural skin care

It’s thought our skin absorbs the products we apply, which is why reducing skin care products that incorporate chemicals is a great low tox solution. Santé skin care is a double whammy when it comes to low tox living as its sustainable (and therefore a good decision for the environment), but also allows you to remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate with just water.

Air freshener alternative

Artificial fragrances for the home seem to have become the norm, but they are big contributors to indoor air pollution with most emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Simply stop buying them, open up the windows in your home regularly to improve ventilation, and if you’re keen to keep some kind of fragrance in your home opt for essential oils.


Cleaning products are high up there when it comes to introducing toxins into your home, and there are many simple solutions to avoid having to use harsh chemicals altogether. ENJO cleaning products not only remove chemicals from the equation entirely (cleaning with fibre technology and water), they also last up to 3 years (which means no repurchasing) and are upcycled at the end of their cleaning life (which means zero waste).

Avoid single-use plastics

Single-use plastic products can so easily be replaced with sustainable alternatives. Check out this post for 12 plastic products you can remove from your life today.

Talking about and sharing the idea of a low tox life is contributing to making a difference. Who knows, you may change one person’s outlook on life and they start refusing disposable coffee cups or plastic bags, or that one person might be the owner of a coffee shop who stops using disposable coffee cups altogether.

Do you have any low tox tips that make you feel good about your health or the planet? Share them in the comments below.

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01 Feb 2019
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