Three products for one sparkly clean harsh chemicals

Healthy living should start in the kitchen, the space in the home where meals are prepared and the family gathers. You want to be able to cook-up in a safe, clean space and let fresh, quality ingredients do the talking.

Ovens are fundamental to most kitchens, used frequently and notorious for being tough to clean, with grease, grime and baked on foods being just a few of the problems oven-owners face.

We’re not saying cleaning your oven is ever going to be a job you’ll love…but we are saying you can clean your oven quickly, in just a few simple steps, with just three products, and no harsh ingredients. Interested? Then read on!

So what do you need…

Three tools, nothing more, nothing less to achieve one sparkly clean oven, ENJO Kitchen Glove, ENJO Kitchen Miracle and water!

Let’s clean up…


Make sure your oven is cool. ENJO fibres are specially woven so suit the cleaning purpose and surface, the unique weave can be damaged by hot temperature plus, ENJO works best for cleaning grease with cool water.


Remove your oven racks, if they are particularly dirty and have baked on foods, place them in water to soak.


Use your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle and spray areas of the oven that are very dirty with water and leave for 5 minutes to let the water loosen the dirt.


Wet your ENJO Kitchen Glove and get to work. The Kitchen Glove is two-sided, the logo side that removes grease and light dirt and the ‘grime’ side, that contains tougher fibres designed to work on tougher stains and burn on food.

Tip: when cleaning with ENJO and without chemicals, always start with the cleanest area first.


Use your ENJO Kitchen Miracle to wipe dry the surfaces of the oven.

Tip: keeping surfaces dry in the kitchen helps prevent the growth of bacteria.


Use your wet ENJO Kitchen Glove to wipe down the oven racks that have been soaking and dry with your ENJO Miracle.

Still not as clean as you’d like?

For baked on foods and ovens that need a little more help, we have a secret weapon, ENJO’s environmentally responsible Marble Paste^!

Finely ground marble and chalk combined to form a biodegradable mild abrasive, this little handy helper contains no artificial colours, fragrances, or preservatives making it super safe with amazing results.


Apply a small amount of Marble Paste to a damp ENJO kitchen fibre.


Clean the surface with the grime side of your ENJO Fibre and Marble Paste. Leave to work for a few minutes if required.


Spray the surface with water with your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle to rinse the surface. Use a clean ENJO kitchen fibre to remove traces of the Marble Paste. You’ll notice all the baked on grease and grime lifting away.


Dry the surface with the ENJO Kitchen Miracle.

You’re done – no harsh chemicals and one clean oven.

For daily / weekly maintenance…

Once your oven is ENJO clean, a quick wet, wipe, dry with an ENJO kitchen fibre and Miracle after each use will maintain that sparkly, streak-free finish. The more often you ENJO clean, the less time you’ll actually spend cleaning…strange but true!

^Always test on an inconspicuous area first and avoid use on Perspex or plated silver.

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