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Men who are there to care

To celebrate this Father's Day, we sat down with Mark de Corti, a father, long-time ENJO user and son of our CEO & Founder Barb de Corti. 



Can you tell us a little bit about the 4 generations of ENJO users in your family?


ENJO has been a real family affair and goes back all the way to my Oma in Austria. She was an ENJOpreneur for ENJO Austria. She believed in the product and gave a few items to Mum (Barb) to try out. It sat unused for a while, but due to my ongoing health issues, she decided to give it a go. It was at this stage she realised just how well the ENJO Fibres work and felt that everyone should use this revolutionary product.

I have personally used ENJO my whole life, and since my girls have been born, they haven’t known any different! From using Santé to clean themselves during bath time, to grabbing a Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth to clean up any spills they might have made while copying their mother's cooking or performing science experiments.



What was it like growing up in an ENJO home?


It felt like any other home, it just becomes the new normal for you, especially when you can see just how well the products work. Any concerns that “maybe it just looks clean, but is it?” subside over time, when it continues to remain clean.

What was the biggest change you noticed when your parents switched to cleaning with ENJO?


There were two main changes I noticed. Firstly, it was the improvement in my asthma, as my symptoms subsided. I didn’t feel as wheezy or short of breath as I used to and I didn’t feel the need to have the inhaler around me as much.

The second major change I noticed was that I seemed to be more enthusiastic about cleaning (which wasn’t there before!). Rather than being a chore that was dreaded, it was something that could be done simpler, quicker and without the need for harsh chemicals.

Have you carried this tradition of cleaning chemical free with you?


Absolutely, I don’t think I have touched a chemical cleaner in decades. Be it my cars or the home, it is ENJO all the way and many of my friends have also made the change in their lives.

What’s your personal favourite room within the ENJO cleaning product range? And why?


This is a tough one! As they all work so well. I do enjoy being in the kitchen, usually getting in my wife  Belinda’s way, as she’s baking. I can’t help myself when it comes to cleaning up when I see some mess.

If push comes to shove, I would have to say that the Outdoor products give me the most satisfaction. Given how nice the Spring, Summer and even Autumns are here in Perth, we use the BBQ a lot, so it's in constant need of cleaning. Plus, I am forever cleaning our cars, especially the 4WD, as I take it out and get it dirty.

What’s the number one ENJO product you’d suggest to a friend? And why?


The number one product I recommend to anyone is the Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth, as it really functions as the name suggests...for all purposes! Be it a quick once over just for some “maintenance” cleaning, dealing with some pots/pans you don’t want to put in the dishwasher or handling the various spills that can occur in the home. It is a must-have “go-to” item in the kitchen.

As a parent, what’s the importance of removing harsh chemicals from your home? 


As you start preparing yourself to become a parent (as much as you can!), you often get confronted with all the pitfalls that can occur. This is especially true at an early age, as they’re developing. Part of this is the potential dangers of children interacting with harsh chemicals in the home, which may be in the laundry or kitchen and within easy reach.

As any parent knows, you need to constantly keep an eye on kids, especially early on. Being blessed with twins made that twice as difficult! As one would scurry off in one direction and the other the opposite way.

Removing cleaning chemicals meant one less potential risk in the home. This made things much easier for us to focus on the remainder. If they did get into the cupboards under the sink, the worst they would get their little hands on is our ENJO Helps, which as we know are far less harmful than traditional cleaning products.

Further to this, Grace has more sensitive skin out of the two girls. Similar to myself, she can have adverse reactions which cause her eczema to flare up. So one less trigger in the home is great.

What’s the most common types of mess your kids make? And how do you deal with it?


Children are super inquisitive, they like to mimic what we are doing as adults. In my case, it is tinkering with the cars or spending time in the garden, which leaves them covered in dirt or grease. We easily remove the dirt from their skin thanks to our Santé products.

How do you teach your young children about cleaning with ENJO?


This starts very early on as they are exposed to seeing us clean with ENJO. From wiping down their highchairs as they make a mess with their food, to cleaning the surface around them or even just dusting.

As they get older and want to be hands-on, they've started to help us clean. From cleaning the car to wiping up their own mess on the coffee tables, after another inevitable spill. This is after telling them 100 times to be careful! It all just becomes natural and the only way to do things for them.

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