The dos and don’ts of cleaning your home with ENJO

Do you want to maximise your chemical-free cleaning experience? Read this post to find out the things you should do (and the things you shouldn't) when cleaning chemical free

Whether you’re new to cleaning with fibre technology or you’re a seasoned ENJO user, there’s no denying cleaning without chemicals is different and it can take a little getting used to.

As a zero waste product, there’s no such thing as single-use or disposable cleaning supplies, by choosing to clean with ENJO you’ll be using your ENJO cleaning products for 3 years. This means big things for the environment, from reducing your household waste, reducing water consumption and protecting waterways from chemical wastewater.

Choosing a different product to clean your home means cleaning with and caring for your cleaning products in a slightly different way.

Here are our top ‘dos and don’ts’ for cleaning and caring for your ENJO products.


Use ENJO fibres on hot surfaces

It can be tempting to clean-up that stovetop spill straightaway but wait, ENJO Fibres are designed to be used with cool water on a cool surface. Hot surfaces can damage the unique wedge-shaped fibres and weave, making your fibres less effective.

Wet your dust fibres

Dust is a major pain. Finding a healthy way to dust is the dream, especially for those with asthma and allergies. ENJO’s dust fibres are great for removing dust for improved indoor air quality, but only when the fibres are dry. As soon as you apply water to dust, it turns to dirt and makes your job that much harder, so keep your ENJO dust fibres dry for optimal dust-busting results. 

Tumble dry your fibres

Like applying your ENJO products to a hot surface, tumble drying could damage your ENJO fibres. Let them air dry instead, for a longer-lasting product.

Wash your fibres with fabric softener

To make your sheets and clothes super soft and wrinkle free, fabric softener coats the fibres with their softening properties. Coating your ENJO Fibres will make them less effective at doing their number one job - lifting and trapping dirt.

Forget there's a money back guarantee

Maybe you’ve been thinking about making the switch to chemical-free cleaning but doubts around ENJO’s effectiveness have stopped you in your tracks? ENJO offers a 30-day money back guarantee, and also afterpay and zip pay options so you can clean now and pay later. 

Ever throw away your fibres 


When we say zero waste, we mean zero waste. ENJO don’t want to see a single fibre they produce end up in a landfill, which is why we encourage our customers to send their ENJO Fibres back to ENJO HQ. Old fibres are collected and then upcycled into home insulation and car seats, for a truly zero waste product. 


Use cool water 

From cleaning your floors, bathroom or kitchen, ENJO fibres are designed to work effectively with cool water. The cool water acts as the solvent, helping loosen dirt and bacteria from the surface and allowing ENJO’s fibre technology to trap and lift debris from the surface. Keeping water cool also helps save energy and keep your fibres in tip-top condition. 

Use enough water


We all know water is a precious resource, and finding ways to save water at home is important. Switching to ENJO means you’ll automatically be using less water as you clean (no buckets and no need to rinse away chemical residue), which is great. Simply remember to add more water if you’re cleaning and stuck on a particularly tough stain.

Wet, wipe and dry


Cleaning with ENJO is about completing a very simple, tried and tested process - wet, wipe, dry. The water is the solvent, the unique patented fibres trap the dirt, and the super-absorbent microfibre dries the surface. A dry surface is important as it makes that surface hard for bacteria to grow on, thus, keeping your surfaces cleaner for longer.

Wash in the ENJO Laundry Bag at 40-60°C


Besides cleaning without chemicals, one of the biggest differences between ENJO and other cleaning products is that they are reusable. Once you have your ENJO cleaning products you’ll be cleaning with them for 3 years, which means washing your ENJO products. We recommend washing your products in the ENJO Laundry Bag provided with your order, this not only helps protect the fibres, but also any other garments in your load. Keep the dials low and wash between 40-60°C.

Ask questions about the products

Even if you purchased your ENJO products ages ago, we want to make sure you love using them and cleaning chemical free! Our customer care team and ENJO Business owners are ready to answer your questions and demonstrate how to use your products. Simply get in touch.

Become ENJOpure

ENJOpure is all about celebrating and rewarding ENJO customers who have made the change to an earth-loving, chemical-free way to clean. By becoming an ENJOpure customer you’ll receive 15% off individual ENJO products, bundles and free shipping*! To find out your ENJOpure status, simply log in or create an account.   

Hold a  Demo

If you’re interested in seeing ENJO in action, in saving money and getting ENJO products for free*, holding an ENJO demo is the way to go. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local independent business owner too.


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