The best way to clean your windows if you have kids

Say goodbye to sticky fingerprints and hello to clean and streak-free windows… if you have kids, then you need this window cleaner 


If you have kids you probably don’t have clean windows (or at least not for long). Dust and dirt accumulate on the outside, while smudges and fingerprints cover the inside.

Until your kids grow up you have two choices; get used to dirty windows and a smudged view of the outside world… or clean your windows regularly.

If dirty windows just isn’t an option (we hear you), then regular cleaning it is. If cleaning your windows often sounds equally unappealing we’re going to let you in on a little secret, there’s a way to clean your windows that’s quick, easy and requires no harsh chemicals.

Can you really clean your windows without chemicals?



Yes, clean and streak-free windows without chemicals is achievable!

ENJO’s product range allows you to clean just about everywhere in your home using fibre technology and water, and your windows are no different.

No chemicals or added ingredients make this the safest way to clean your windows. 

How ENJO works



There are two important features to note about ENJO products

1. The fibre
2. The weave

The ENJO Fibre

ENJO products are made up of fibres that have a unique wedge shape, designed to loosen and lift dirt from surfaces. What makes these wedge-shaped fibres even more effective is that they are superfine, each fibre is 100-times finer than a human hair, meaning each ENJO fibre product has a vast surface area and is effective at reaching into crevices. 

The ENJO weave

ENJO products are made up of a slightly different composition of fibre material and a different weave depending on the type of surface and the type of dirt it’s designed to clean. For example, ENJO’s kitchen fibres are designed to cut through grease and grime from a range of surfaces commonly found in the kitchen and ENJO’s window fibres work optimally for removing dirt and smudges from smooth hard surfaces.

The weave not only holds the fibres together, but it’s also designed to hold the dirt too.

Why is the ENJO Window Cleaner better if you have kids?



1. It's safe

Cleaning with the ENJO Window Cleaner eliminates the need for any chemicals, which ultimately makes your home safer by reducing the risk. It also means your kids won’t be coming into contact with chemical residue commonly left behind chemical cleaners.

2. It's quick

Have you ever used a chemical window cleaner and found you're wiping the surface over and over to try to remove the streaks? No chemicals make cleaning with the ENJO Window Cleaner really quick and entirely streak-free. The wet fibre loosens and lifts dirt, the blade cuts through removing the dirt and moisture for a streak-free finish.

3. It doesn't impact your air quality

We spend 90% of our time indoors and as the air inside our home tends to be five times more polluted than outside air, we want to do our best to improve our home’s indoor air quality. Cleaning without chemicals is one simple way you can ensure the air you’re breathing in is as clean and fresh as possible.

How to clean your windows with ENJO

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Step 1 | wet your ENJO Indoor or Outdoor Window Fibre under the tap or with your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2 | hold the handle of your ENJO Window Cleaner and cover the end of the Window Cleaner with your ENJO Window Cleaner Fibre, pressing the stud to secure.

Step 3 | clean the surface with the fibre, using the ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle to spray the window as you go and where there is heavy dirt.

Step 4 | turn the ENJO Window Cleaner around and use the Blade to clean the window from top to bottom, drying the Blade each time with your ENJO Miracle.

Step 5 | for a super streak-free finish use your ENJO Miracle to dry and buff the surface.

Watch ENJO's Window Cleaner in action


If you're interested in clean windows with minimal-fuss the ENJO Window is for you, hold a demo to see just how easy you can clean the windows in your home.


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