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Top 5 Sustainable Pet Products We Love

Looking for the perfect gift for those with furry friends? Or want to spoil your dog? Here are our top picks for sustainable pet products. 


When it comes to buying for your four-legged best friend, we know you want what's best for them. This means purchasing products with natural, high-quality ingredients and no nasties. We also know that what's no good for them also tends to be no good for the planet...and it's sometimes tricky to tell the difference. 

To celebrate the launch of our much-loved Pet Pack, we're talking all things dogs and have narrowed down our top 5 sustainable pet products!




We're starting out with our favourite sustainable pet brand...WAG! At WAG, they love your dog like their very own. 

We've loved teaming up with WAG for the holiday season, to create our best-selling Pet Pack. Which includes our new limited-edition Pet Towel and two sustainably produced WAG pet treats (Pig Ear Strips and Beef Trachea Chips).

Their mission is to treat every dog to good health, with a commitment to natural and sustainable approaches. 

This makes them stand out within the dog treat industry, because in their own words; "Not all treat companies have been good boys. In fact, many contain bad things that won’t do your doggo any favours. That’s why our founder, Jeremy Goldman, started working with local Australian butchers and selling one of the first Australian-made, all-natural dog treats at Melbourne markets ten years ago."

WAG treats are air-dried and 100% natural – meaning they don't add additives or preservatives. It's basically what you can do at home, except they do it on a larger scale!

WAG has also recently bought out a sustainable dog toy! Their Coffee Wood Chews are made from java wood as the by-product of the coffee industry, so no extra trees are cut down.

The Coffee Wood Chews are a strong and hard chewing toy for dogs. Similar to a stick they'd pick up at the park, but without the yucky bacteria or risk of splintering. Instead, the Coffee Wood Chews soften on the edges and break down into softer wood that is digestible for dogs. 

 To read about WAG's stance on sustainability, click here


Cider & Basil


Cider and Basil have a fantastic range of cute, eco-friendly dog shampoo bars for washing your dog. 

Founder Henrietta was searching high and low for the best, most natural, ethical and sustainable ingredients she could get her hands on for washing her beloved dog Cider. However, she struggled to find this in traditional dog wash products. 

After speaking to more and more people at Melbourne's dog parks, Henrietta heard that this was actually a really common problem. So she started making small batches for her doggy friends and suddenly the requests started flooding in. Turns out everyone wanted to do the best by their pup too. Thus Cider & Basil, the Australian lifestyle brand for dogs and their humans, was born. 

Their botanical Dog Shampoo Bars are made with solar infused plant-based oils. Every Shampoo Bar is enriched with natural clays, real botanicals and essential oils, offering a long-lasting lather and leaving your pet's skin feeling clean, soft and nourished.


Eco Dogs Australia


We're also loving Eco Dog Australia. Why? Because sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. Their dog beds are made from sustainably certified foam, bamboo and recyclable materials. 

They are quietly confident your dog loves a good nights rest as much as you do. That's why they've made the Eco Dog Couch Super Comfy and large enough for a snuggle or a sprawl. 


Dog by Dr Lisa



DOG by Dr Lisa have a great range of biodegradable and compostable dog poop bags! Poop. Doodie. Butt dumplings. Whatever you call it, as a dog owner you’ve got to do it. 

They're made from cornstarch, so are plastic-free, 100% compostable and biodegradable. The bags are vanilla scented and have handles for easy tying. 

DOG by Dr Lisa also have a good range of sustainably source bamboo brushes. When used regularly, the brushes are designed to remove loose hairs, which will help reduce the amount of hair shed around your home. It also keeps your dog’s coat clean by removing surface debris and helping spread the natural oils produced by their skin.  




And last but not! We've entered the pet product range with the launch of our new limited-edition Pet Towel, which is available in the Pet Pack

As mentioned above, this includes the large super-absorbent ENJO Pet Towel (made from the same fibre technology as our Miracles) and 2 sustainably sourced pet treats from WAG (beef and pork). 

We also have a great range of all-around sustainable cleaning products which make short work of cleaning up after your four-legged friends.

Our Floorcleaner and Dust Floor Fibre collect pet hair from your floors in no time. The Window Multi Tool (pictured above) is perfect for cleaning your outside and indoor windows. As we know these often need doing if you've got a dog, because they tend to lick the glass and jump up (leaving paw prints). 

Using our range of chemical-free cleaning products is the safer choice for your pets, to prevent them from ingesting harsh chemicals from different surfaces around the home. 

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