Stylish meets sustainable

Living off the grid is looking good.

Without intending to sound too eco-warrior - we love the earth! Of course, it’s our home, and as we learn more about our wonderful planet and the impact our modern lives are having, the more we try to come up with new and resourceful ways to protect and nurture our unique home.

We are often advised of the baby steps we can take to change our lifestyle, to be more sustainable and ‘go green’, such as giving up bottled water, reducing and recycling our waste, switching off the light when we leave the room…it’s less often we hear about a radical residential real estate development looking to create an entirely self-reliant, sustainable village!

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands is best known for its iconic canal houses, renowned museums, bustling nightlife … windmills. Lively and congested, it’s not really the first place you’d imagine heading to if you decided you wanted to live off the grid…

Let go of any ideas you may have of a primitive hut in the middle of the wilderness; using contemporary Danish Architecture and modern technology ReGen Villages have designed an utterly stylish and completely sustainable neighbourhood community right outside of Amsterdam city.

Looking for an innovative solution to the steady global population increase, the bold project uses modern technology to grow food, make energy and handle its own waste in a neighbourhood-come-farm environment that we have to commend on all fronts, not least of all for looking oh-so-appealing.

Homes will have both indoor and outdoor vegetable gardens, and will source all other organic produce from high-yielding vertical farms within the community. Energy will be produced via a combination of geothermal, solar, solar thermal, wind and biomass technologies. Household waste will be composted to feed livestock or soldier flies. Soldier flies in turn feed the fish, who fertilise the aquaculture system that produces the fruit and vegetables for the homes…a wondrous cycle of events that all culminate in a renewable promise land!

Projects like this make us excited about the future! There’s no mention yet of their safe, sustainable and chemical-free cleaning solution…but with the pilot village due to open in 2017, we look forward to hearing of their sustained success!

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