Spend less time cleaning this Christmas

Christmas is about spending quality time with family and friends and spreading the cheer that accompanies the holiday. The last thing you want during this special time of year is to spend your days cleaning. 

Everything leading up to Christmas, from decorating the Christmas tree to baking festive treats, is all about making memories with loved ones. And while creating these memories and getting together is lovely, it can also be messy.

For those who are house-proud, maintaining a clean home is still on the to-do list. However, in the busy season especially with a house full of visitors, cleaning can be more of a chore.

And cleaning your floors is one of the most time-consuming chores of them all.

There are handy tips for keeping your floors clean for longer but finding a faster floor-cleaning solution is the dream.

We just so happen to have a solution that’s so quick you can dust effectively and clean your kitchen floors in the time it takes to make a cuppa.

What's the quickest way to clean your floors?

Introducing the ENJO Floorcleaner.

Our best-selling product is unlike any other floor cleaning system.

Using smart fibre technology, ENJO has developed a range of Floor Fibres designed to effectively clean a range of different floor types.

So you actually choose a floor fibre that’s designed to clean the floors in your home.

Each fibre is super durable and made to last. Once you have the right floor fibre for your home, you can enjoy streak-free floors with just water (and no chemicals) quickly and for three whole years.

How exactly is the ENJO Floorcleaner faster?

Enjoying time with family and friends during the holidays is important. 

Enjoy a clean home and stress-free festive season with some insider tips and the quickest Floorcleaner available.

Here are 6 big reasons why cleaning your floors with ENJO is faster, leaving you with more time for festive fun.

Six reasons why cleaning your floors with ENJO is faster


1. Cleaning your floors without a bucket is faster


Cleaning with a mop and bucket is slow and you could be doing so much with your time during the holidays.

Warming the water, filling up the bucket, measuring the detergent, wringing out the mop, changing the water multiple times because it’s filthy.

The ENJO Floorcleaner is fast. With no bucket required, simply slip on the fibre that suits your floor type, fill up a trigger spray bottle and spray as you go.

The ENJO Fibres are designed to lift and trap dirt into the fibre’s weave.

The dirt is only released when the fibres are washed with detergent, so you know you’re not spreading dirt around the room.

2. No chemicals means zero streaks for a quick more effective clean

Cleaning your floors without chemicals is a green way to clean your floors, means your home is safe for your family and pets and improves your home’s indoor air quality

Cleaning your floors without chemicals also means you’ll save time measuring out detergent and buffing out the streaks left behind.

Chemical residue also tends to attract dust and dirt more readily meaning cleaning more often.

3. Long-lasting products mean less time shopping

Don’t worry about picking up floor cleaning detergent on your next shopping trip, a trigger spray bottle with water is all you need.

ENJO products are reusable for 3 whole years, saving you time (and money) at the shops.

4. Using less water to clean your floors means they dry super-fast


Have you ever been mopping your floors and then realised they are so wet, you have to wait at least half an hour for them to dry?

This will never happen with the ENJO Floorcleaner.

Simply spray the fibre and your floor with water and let the super-absorbent fibre technology loosen, lift and trap the dirt and bacteria.

You’ll save water and never have to wait for your floors to dry again.

5. The ergonomic design means a quick and comfortable clean



Cleaning your floors with a traditional mop and bucket requires a lot of lifting.

Picking up your bucket as you move around the room and moving your furniture out of the way.

It makes the whole experience a time-consuming exercise.

Not only does the ENJO Floorcleaner remove the bucket from your floor cleaning routine, it’s also ergonomically designed, meaning you can adjust the Floorcleaner to your height for maximum comfort.

The head of the ENJO Floorcleaner is designed to swivel, allowing you to clean under tables and sofas without bending or needing to move furniture out of the way.

6. Fibre technology is more effective and thus, more efficient



Fibre technology not only works effectively, but it’s also designed to work more efficiently.

Unlike traditional mop heads or wipes, ENJO Fibres are super fine (100-times finer than a human hair) and have a unique wedge shape.

Wedge-shaped, super-fine fibres have a powerful surface area for cleaning and can reach into small crevices on surfaces.

By just adding water, the fibres clean by loosening the dirt, lifting the dirt and trapping the dirt.

The way the fibres are woven works to keep dirt locked in until the reusable fibre is cleaned in the wash.

This design means cleaning your floors is more effective and more efficient.

What’s the best way to get your hands on the ENJO Floorcleaner?


The best way to buy ENJO is by holding your own ENJO Demo, either in-person or digitally.

By holding a Demo you’ll get to see ENJO in action in your own home and receive advice from an ENJO expert on the right Floor Fibre for your floors.

You could even end up choosing the ENJO Floor Fibre Bundle as your free gift for holding a Demo, just in time for the festive season.

Hosting a Demo between 15 October to 20 December 2020 also means you will be gifted a Complete Fruit & Veg Set which includes a Jute Bag, Fruit & Veg Cloth and 3 x Fruit & Veg Bags

Book your very own Christmas Demo today! 



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[Editor’s note: this post was updated 3 December 2020]

Julie spencer
10 Jun 2019
Looking at floor cleaning system using only water. My question is how does this kills germs & make the floor hygenic?
10 Jun 2019
I am want to replace my mop without the cloths.
I live in Horsham Victoria, please advise me of a rep in the area.
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