Spend less time cleaning: the quickest way to clean your floors

If ‘how to spend less time cleaning?’ is the question, we have the answer!

Clean floors, we all want them, but cleaning your floors is one of the most time-consuming chores in your cleaning routine. Finding a quicker solution to cleaning your floors will mean you can clean less and live more, and we just happen to have the solution.

Introducing the ENJO Floorcleaner.

Why the ENJO Floorcleaner cleans quicker

1. There’s no bucket

Cleaning with a mop and bucket is slow and you could be doing so much with your time. There’s heating the water, filling up the bucket, measuring the detergent, wringing out the mop, changing the water because it’s filthy. The ENJO Floorcleaner is fast, no bucket required, simply slip on the fibre that suits your floor type, fill up a trigger spray bottle and spray as you go.

2. There’s no detergent

Don’t even worry about grabbing the detergent and measuring it out, a trigger spray bottle with water is all you need.


3. Less water = quicker drying time

Have you ever been mopping your floors and then realised they are so wet, you have to wait at least half an hour after mopping for them to dry. This will never happen with the ENJO Floorcleaner, simply spray the ground and let the super-absorbent fibre technology loosen, lift and trap the dirt and bacteria.


4. It’s ergonomic

Cleaning your floors with a mop and bucket requires a lot of lifting - picking up your bucket, moving furniture out of the way – it’s a time-consuming exercise. Not only does the ENJO Floorcleaner remove the bucket from your floor cleaning situation, it’s also ergonomically designed, meaning you can clean under tables and sofas without bending or moving furniture out of the way.


5. It uses fibre technology

Fibre technology not only works, it’s more effective. ENJO Fibres are unique, 100-times finer than a human hair, each fibre has a unique wedge shape that helps loosen and lift dirt. The weave of the fibres traps the dirt, cleaning your floors more effectively and more efficiently.


How to get the ENJO Floorcleaner for FREE*

If cleaner floors faster are the dream, then owning the ENJO Floorcleaner is a dream come true. From 26 November until 2 December receive 30% off the ENJO Floorcleaner and Floor Fibres


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Top tips for keeping your floors cleaner for longer

1. Dust floors daily
2. Use a doormat at every entrance
3. Take off your shoes
4. Brush pets outside
5. Clean up spills on the spot
6. Keep windows closed on windy days


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