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Our Christmas Gift Guide Explained

This Christmas we are all about simplicity and sustainability. Here's our Gift Guide to get you through the holiday season.


 This year we’re all about the simple pleasures, because we know it’s the perfect time to reflect on memories and create new ones. Appreciate the little things, including conversations with those dear to you, a delicious meal or the joy of giving a gift you know they’ll love. Give the gift of a clean and sustainable home with our new and limited-edition Christmas offers!


Simply ENJO


 At ENJO Australia, we’ve kept it simple for 27 years with just water and ENJOtex Fibre technology. We’ve been in Australian homes and sharing Christmas with you for almost 3 decades. Where it all started? The kitchen.

Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth Duo 


 Your best friend this Christmas! The only cloth you’ll ever need, the Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth replaces conventional cloths in all areas of your kitchen. Quick and easy to use, this kitchen essential will help you keep on top of the cleaning this holiday season without chemicals or disposable wipes and paper towels. Available over the holiday season in a convenient two-pack

Entertainer Pack 


 Do you love having people over? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for entertainers? We’ve got the present for you. The limited-edition Entertainer Pack includes a Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth and Bling Miracle. The Bling Miracle is unbeatable for streak-free, sparkly glassware and cutlery. Host a Demo* this holiday season (15 Oct – 20 Dec) and enjoy sparkling glasses and clean surfaces with a bonus* Entertainer Pack!


Simply Christmas 


The simple pleasures are just as good this year. Including the feel-good pleasure of a clean home. 

Bathroom Trio 


 Need to give your bathroom area a once-over before guests arrive this holidays? 

Complete your chemical-free bathroom cleaning kit with the Bathroom Trio. Includes the Toilet Mini, Toilet Miracle and Bathroom Allpurpose Cloth. The toilet is the most-used seat in the home, so keep it clean and dry. With the same fibre technology as the Bathroom Mini and Glove, the Toilet Mini is great for quickly wiping down your toilet. Just add water! 

Sponge Trio


Things are better in threes! Including our heavy-duty Sponge Trio, perfect for removing stubborn dirt, grease and grime from the different surfaces of your Kitchen, Bathroom and Outdoor areas. Includes the Kitchen Sponge, Bathroom Sponge and Outdoor Sponge. Effective for up to 3 years, simply wash and use again.


Simply enjoy the moment 


Make memories simple (without worrying about the mess!). You don’t need to tell the kids off for bringing dirt inside or put the dog out to protect your walls.

Fabric Duo


 Spot clean and remove stubborn stains from your soft and hard furnishings (and clothing!) with the Fabric Glove. Use the glove on hardwearing surfaces like carpet and smooth surfaces, such as leather. The special fibre design makes it possible to clean delicate, waxed and oiled surfaces without removing the wax or oil. Great to have on hand (no pun intended!) with the kids home this summer. You can also keep hard and high-shine surfaces in your living areas clean and streak-free with the ENJO Living Miracle.

Allpurpose Trio 



Introducing the new, limited-edition Living Allpurpose Cloth! Perfect for a quick and thorough clean in your living rooms, from bedrooms to the loungeroom. The favourite Bathroom Allpurpose Cloth is also back, along with the best-selling Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth.


Still stuck for the perfect gift idea?


We’ve got great gifts for their furry friend or beloved outdoor area.

Outdoor Sponge Duo


 You don't have to worry about refreshing your outdoor areas for entertaining this holidays with the Outdoor Sponge Duo.

Why are we excited about the Outdoor Sponge? The Outdoor Sponge lets you clean without chemical agents. No hazardous substances directly enter the groundwater, so you can clean without any concerns. Finish off your clean with the super absorbent ENJO Outdoor Miracle

Pet Pack 


 You asked and we listened! The ENJO Pet Pack is here! This incredibly handy, large and super-absorbent Pet Towel (made from the same fibre technology as our Miracles), now comes with 2 pet treats from WAG. Both sustainably sourced and packaged. The perfect gift for those with four-legged friends.  


Wrap with Purpose 


 This year wrap your gifts with a bonus* ENJO Bamboo T-Towel with any Bundle purchased. A gift for them, a gift for the planet.

We’ve also got great Christmas offers for our ENJOpure Bundle and Starter Bundle

 Purchase an ENJOpure Bundle & receive a bonus* Entertainer Pack and Bamboo T-Towel.

 Purchase a Starter Bundle & receive a bonus* Living Allpurpose Cloth and Bamboo T-Towel.

We’ve also got great offers on our Floor range! Including our Floor Fibres, Floor Cleaner and best-selling Floor Fibre Bundle (with bonus* Bamboo T-Towel). Check them out here.

Wanting to get more bang for your buck this holiday season? Host a Demo* and receive a bonus* Entertainer Pack (Bling Miracle and Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth). You’ll also get 50% off* Santé by ENJO Face Essentials Bundle with bonus* Santé Mini Tote (choice of all colours, including new limited-edition French Rosé). 


Check out our Christmas Gift Guide here!

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