Now’s the time to replace outdated cleaning products with earth-friendly ones, here’s why

Cleaning products exist as a solution to a problem, but what do you do when the solution itself causes other problems?


Cleaning products have always been a solution to a problem, dirt.

There's a huge amount of slightly different, but mostly the same, cleaning products that all tackle the same problem, dirt.

Makers of chemicals can adjust formulas, add a new ingredient and tweak the marketing messaging to introduce something 'new' to the market every year.

Just browsing the supermarket aisle illuminates the amount of choice available, but when you choose one all-purpose spray over another, what’s the difference?

Probably very little.

Why are chemical cleaning products outdated?


The chemical cleaning industry can market products as greener and environmentally cleaner, but when it comes down to it, chemical cleaning products haven’t been innovative enough to meet consumer’s environmental and healthy-living needs.

In most instances, chemical cleaning products might solve one problem, but they create many more.

Why is now the time to make the switch?


It's never been more apparent that we need to make lifestyle adjustments to manage the rate at which we're using up the planets resources.

We need to move away from a linear economy of make, use, dispose, to a circular economy where we divert resources from becoming waste.

Here’s why you should consider swapping out old fashion chemical cleaning products for earth-friendly, chemical-free alternatives. 

Problem: packaging, solution, plastic-free  

We all know that plastic packaging is a problem.

Most retail sectors have been working hard for years to either remove plastic packaging (like supermarkets and plastic bags) or replace plastic packaging with an environmentally responsible alternative like glass or tin.

Most cleaning products are still heavily packaged in plastic that can’t be recycled, and even though many well-known cleaning brand are owned by huge conglomerates, no attempt has been made to innovate in this area.

Research products that avoid wasteful packaging and offer alternative solutions.

Problem: waste, solution: reusability

Cleaning is a daily essential, and like all daily-use items, they contribute to waste much quicker. 

The global waste issue means reusability is at the forefront of all good product design.

Chemical cleaning products literally go down the drain.

Without mentioning the environmental impact of chemicals entering waterways, disposable products are outdated.

Some smaller chemical-based cleaning companies do offer refillable options which are a great start on the road to reusability, but the big-hitting brands appear immune to the pressure to offer an alternative solution.

Reusable cleaning routines exist and are a convenient way to keep your home clean. 

Problem: ingredients, solution: fibre technology

We’re learning all the time of the potentially harmful effects chemicals can have over time.

There are over 40,000 chemicals available for use in everyday household items including cleaning products, and there are no pre-market regulations that stipulate mandatory testing of chemicals before sale in Australia.

Unlike personal care products, cosmetics and food, cleaning products don’t have to provide a complete ingredients list on their label.

Ingredients like ‘fragrance’, used to mask the chemical smell in many cleaning products, can be made up of a mixture of several dozen to several hundred ingredients.

When analysing a range of fragranced consumer products, an average of 15 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were released per product and nearly one-third of these VOCs can be classified as potentially hazardous chemicals.

VOCs impact your home’s indoor air quality and poor indoor air quality can have a direct impact on your health.

Cleaning without chemicals works

Learn more about how ENJO works and the difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting.

Another real reason you should make the switch 


Aside from improving the health of your home and the environment, cleaning without chemicals makes life easier.

Reusable cleaning products are convenient, quicker and safer.

Ready to ditch outdated cleaning products?


Learn more about chemical-free cleaning products, how ENJO works towards having a positive environmental impact, or hold an ENJO Demo to ask questions see the products working in your own home.



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