The powerful shower screen cleaner you didn't know you needed

Staying on top of a clean shower screen is easy, but cleaning a neglected shower screen is a different story. If your shower screen needs a deep clean, try this


Glass shower screens can look great in your bathroom, especially if you want to create the illusion of space.

However, a soapy, dull, cloudy shower screen is never a good look, and it can become a reality so quickly if you don’t stay on top of cleaning your shower screen.

Usually a quick clean with ENJO will get the job done, but if left too long, over time you might find you’re not getting the sparkly, crystal clear shower screen you were hoping for.  

It happens.

Here’s why it happens, a powerful solution that will help your shower screen look like new and 3 important tips for keeping your shower screen clean for longer. 

Why are shower screens so hard to keep clean?  


Bathrooms in general can be tricky to keep clean.

Poor ventilation and air quality can quickly lead to mould and mineral build-up.

The fact that shower screens are used daily and exist in mostly wet, humid, soapy conditions means residue is building all the time.

Water contains minerals like calcium that stain glass and cause that cloudy effect.

How to clean your shower screen when it's cloudy 


If you clean your shower screen regularly, then ENJO’s Bathroom fibres are perfect for quick cleaning that prevent build-up.

This means no harsh chemicals just water and ENJOtex Fibres.

If your shower screen is looking duller and duller, don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals, we have a powerful, long-lasting, earth-loving helper.

Introducing ENJO’s Calcium Dissolver.

Made up of high-quality fruit acids, you only need a few drops of this ultra-concentrated liquid cleaner to start melting away that build-up.

Ingredients include citric and lactic acid, sugar surfactants, orange peel and lemon grass oil.

The citric and lactic acids remove mineral deposits while the surfactants act as a cleaning intensifier.

How to use ENJO's Calcium Dissolver


Aside from the fact that Calcium Dissolver is non-toxic, you only need a small amount to cut through calcium.

You can apply Calcium Dissolver in one of two ways. 

For more targeted build-up apply a few drops directly to a damp ENJO Fibre and clean the surface.

For large areas (like the whole shower screen) dilute 20 drops in 500ml of water, spray the surface and clean with your ENJO Bathroom fibre. 

Rinse well after use and dry the surface with a super absorbent Miracle.

It quickly and effectively removes mineral build-up leaving your shower screen crystal clear.

For really heavy build-up, you might need to try this approach a few times to see the desired effect as dirt goes on and comes off in layers.

How to stay on top of your shower screen cleaning


Now you’ve removed the tough stuff, you want to keep your shower screen clean.

Read our post on green cleaning your shower screen in less than 2 minutes and how to prevent mould, and follow these 3 important tips for maintaining a clean shower screen naturally.

3 important tips for keeping your shower screen clean


1. Wash away soapy residue


Before you turn the shower off, quickly make sure there is no soapy residue left on your shower screen.

2. Squeegee always


To prevent watermarks that eventually stain the glass, use a squeegee every time after you use the shower to remove water droplets.

3. Don’t stop at the squeegee


Using a squeegee is a must if you want to maintain a clean shower screen, but sometimes it’s not enough.

If you notice the bottom of your shower screen tends to become cloudy quickly, you need to be drying off this area.

Using a super absorbent Bathroom Miracle dry hard-to-squeegee areas like the bottom of shower screens and frames.


Do you have natural tips for keeping your shower screen clean?


Share your tips in the comments below.

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