Our secret weapon for burnt-on oven grime

Sometimes ENJOtex Fibres and water need a little helping hand when it comes to heavy-duty oven grime, that’s where our secret weapon comes in


When your oven is sparkly clean, it’s so easy to keep it that way.

Once you leave it too long, you might need a little extra help to bring it back to its former glory.

Keeping your oven clean can be challenging for a number of reasons.

The first challenge might be remembering it needs cleaning.

Once you close that oven door, the burnt-on mess and grime inside is easily forgotten, until next time.

Then there’s the spills and splashes from bubbling sauces and grease and crumbs that accumulated and stick to the oven door and surfaces thanks to the extreme heat.

Cleaning your oven with ENJO is easy, and usually requires just 3 products.

When it comes to built-up oven filth, you can still keep it chemical-free with our secret weapon, here's how. 

How to clean built-up oven grime without harsh chemicals  



If you clean with ENJO you already know we’re all about chemical-free cleaning.

Our ENJOtex fibre technology and water work together to cut through kitchen grease and grime with ease (and our customers agree), but sometime when it comes to oven grime they can use a little help.

Sourcing a natural oven cleaner is near impossible if you're looking in the grocery aisle.

To prevent chemical-free cleaners having to resort to using anything harsh in their home, ENJO International developed a range of natural helpers for cutting through things like burnt-on oven grime, calcium build-up and more.

Introducing our Marble Paste.

How our Marble Paste works 


Marble Paste is a powerful paste-like cleaning aid made up of 3 core ingredients that work together to shift stubborn dirt without the need for anything toxic.

The finely ground marble powder acts as an extremely mild abrasive. Combined with ENJOtex fibres it works to effectively loosen stains from surfaces.

Vegetable-based surfactants (such as sugar beet, sugar cane, corn and coconut fat) help water itself clean more effectively and penetrate, loosen and trap strains (instead of just moving dirt around).

Working together with ENJOtex kitchen fibres, you’ll be able to lift off stubborn stains without the need for chemicals.

How to clean burnt-on grime with our magical Marble Paste 


A great natural way to start any heavy-duty oven cleaning is with a steam.

Place an oven proof bowl full of water add a little lemon juice (a great natural degreaser) and place in the oven. 

Turn your oven on at around 250 degrees and leave for around 30 minutes. 

The water vapour and infused lemon will help soften all those hard bits.

Let the oven cool so that you don’t damage your ENJO Fibres.

Apply a little water to the ENJO Kitchen Fibre of your choice (we recommend the Kitchen Glove).

Dip the damp glove into the Marble Paste. 

If the Marble Paste is a little dry, add some more water until you get that paste-like consistency.

Clean the baked on areas. 

The fibre together with the finely ground marble powder will act as a mild abrasive, increasing the loosening power of the fibre. 

If baked-on grime isn’t coming free, leave for 5 minutes, come back and add a little more water.

Use plenty of water to rinse away any paste residue and dry the sparkly clean inside of your oven with the Kitchen Miracle.  

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