One delicious dish..in 7 simple steps.


One delicious dish..in 7 simple steps.

Eleven months down and one to go before we wrap-up 2016, and as usual, the festive season has snuck up on us in its usual cheer-filled manner. Before we can even begin preparing ourselves to start a-fresh and don our ‘out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new’ mentality for 2017, we’re busy gearing up to gather our nearest and dearest and celebrate the holidays.

Aside from the gift giving, the tree, the general festive cheer and family traditions that have come to symbolise this time of year, when you think festive season, sharing delicious food is generally the common interest! Not everyone is as enthusiastic about assembling and decorating a tree in their living room… but sharing festive food and good company tends to see every family member pulling up a chair.

We think it’s fair to say that over-indulgence also tends to be synonymous with the festive season, and although feasting on leftover ham and turkey sandwiches is always a winner… in the spirit of sustainability we want to challenge the conventional and encourage switching up the festive menu this year by buying fresh, keeping it local and reducing your festive waste.

With ethical food and zero-waste cooking central themes to Chef Matt Stone’s eating and cooking philosophy, we asked our Nutritional Ambassador to come up with a delicious festive recipe that would be perfect for an Aussie festive celebration… and when he told us local Aussie prawns and the barbecue were going to feature… we knew we’d be on to a winner with a recipe that’s packed full of flavour, and sure to make mouths water.

Any holiday season comes with its fair share of hustle and bustle, and when it comes to the big day you want to take the opportunity to finally relax… with that in mind, in addition to being a flavour-full dish, Matt’s festive chorizo and prawn recipe is super quick and simple!

Check out our video of Matt cooking up his heavenly barbecue prawns …and once you’re sufficiently satisfied that this recipe will be the star-a-top your festive feast, scan through the ingredients list below and start planning your sustainable shopping trip.

Sourcing local ingredients is not only beneficial to the environment, it also means you’re far more likely to receive produce that’s fresh and delicious, and you will be supporting local growers and farmers in the process. Researching retailers who stock local produce or heading down to your local farmers market is the way to go. Prawns are local to Australian waters, but make sure you order through your local supplier for the freshest sustainable shrimp and to avoid disappointment!

Finally, just before the big day, make sure your barbecue is perfectly primed to cook your prawns to absolute perfection. Cleaning up chemical-free with ENJO is the way you do this! Check out our recent barbecue post and follow the simple steps to a better tasting barbecue.

Enjoy and happy holidays!


Aussie tiger prawns
Preserved lemon
Green olives (sliced)
Flat leaf parsley
Spring onion
Sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil
^Can be adjusted to suit your flavour preference and number of guests!

Step 1
Cut your chorizo and a lemon in half and place face down on the hot barbecue

Step 2
After a couple of minutes remove the chorizo from the grill

Step 3
Cut the Tiger prawns lengthways, remove the vein but keep the shell in tact. Place the prawns on the barbecue shell side down

Cooking prawns in their shells prevents them drying, protects the flesh and allows the prawns to cook in their own juice, preserving the flavour

Step 4
In a bowl prepare chopped preserved lemon, sliced green olives and barley. Take the chorizo off the barbecue, chop, and add to the bowl

Step 5
Add freshly chopped coriander, flat leaf parsley and mint to the bowl

Add the herbs to the chorizo when it is still warm to release the flavours

Step 6
Add chopped spring onion and season with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Lay the salad onto a serving plate

Step 7
Once the prawns are cooked lay on top of the salad and squeeze over the barbecued lemon