Direct Selling, the Original Social Influencers

 There’s no doubt about it, ENJO products really work. However, they often need to be seen to be believed. 



Hence why ENJO adopted a Direct Selling business model back in 1994. ENJOpreneurs can demonstrate products, explain their uses and care instructions. However, this is provided through a personalised consultation to suit your home and surfaces.


For 27 years, ENJO Australia has been empowering women with a flexible, purpose-driven business opportunity. Allowing them the option to create a business that works with their lifestyle. Between doorstop, party planning and network marketing (or a combination of these methods), Direct Sellers were effectively our very first social influencers. Sharing products they believe in, with their network while earning an income.


Where it all started?


One of the most famous Direct Selling companies of all time, Tupperware, built the way for social selling and empowering women post-war. In 1951, the inventor of Tupperware hired Brownie Wise as his vice president of marketing, an unprecedented position for a woman. From day one, Wise worked hard to build the Tupperware Party Empire. She took charge of the newly created division of the company centred around direct selling and “the home party plan”. 


However, Direct Selling is all too often mistaken for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or ‘Pyramid Schemes’. MLM and Direct Selling business models are commonly confused, as they do have similarities. While many MLM companies are also members of Direct Selling Australia. To understand the key differences between the two, keep reading... 



Direct Selling


According to Direct Selling Australia, Direct Selling is a form of retail in which products and services are marketed directly to consumers. This generally takes place one to one, in a group setting, party or online. The personal component is what makes our channel unique.


A once-off payment is provided for introducing others, rather than an ongoing passive income through a chain of sellers. This therefore creates effort driven results, where the more effort you put into your business, the more you’ll get out of it!


Customer needs are met without any long-term customer commitment or subscriptions, which means a superior level of customer service. Finally, Direct Selling distributors tend to sell longer life span products.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)


Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business model where independent consultants sell a company’s products and services directly to consumers. However, the key difference between Direct Selling and MLM is that consultants make money from their own sales, but also from the sales of the sponsored and the distributors of their distributors. Hence the term “multilevel”. Typically, MLM also sell fast-moving consumer goods and the customer also becomes the distributor.


Pyramid Schemes


Pyramid schemes on the other hand claim to be in the business of selling products to consumers, however little or no effort is made to actually market the product. Instead, money is made in a typical pyramid fashion...from recruiting other people to market the program. Sometimes, new "distributors" are persuaded to purchase inventory or overpriced products or services when they sign up. They are illegal in most countries.


Direct sales and MLM jobs share many benefits, or at least they both promise to provide similar benefits including:

- Working from home. This is a great perk for new mums or for anyone that wants to work from their home.

- Flexibility. You choose your own hours.

- Low barrier to entry. No special education or training required, and it’s usually very affordable to get started.

- Less admin. Let’s be real, no one enjoys the hefty amount of paperwork and administration associated with running a business. Most Direct Selling companies (including ENJO) cover a huge portion of this, allowing distributors to focus on the areas of the business they love.


Some benefits are only offered by Direct Selling


- The main benefit (at least in our minds) is the fact that you are in charge of your income. Meaning you can make a healthy revenue from your own efforts. 

- Higher priced items result in higher commissions. Direct Sales jobs usually sell higher-priced, long term items like vacuums or cookware. Because the items have a higher price point, the seller receives a higher commission.

- Selling a long-lasting product.


Why now?



Especially since online sales, Direct Selling has a bigger than ever place. Launching a business in the direct sales industry is a great way to run your own show and gain financial independence with minimal risks. It’s also the perfect opportunity to gain new skills, socialise and be recognised for your achievements within a helpful and supportive industry.


Much like social influencers, you’ll be paid to talk about products you feel passionate about, through word of mouth. However, you’ll just be working to promote the one brand you love and have confidence in the products. Finally, Direct Selling has always had the luxury of working from home, even before many companies were forced to with the rise of COVID-19. More than ever, flexibility is important. From getting a group of people together in a living room, on a zoom call or in a Facebook group. 


Here at ENJO, we continuously support our ENJOpreneurs. Because they’re first and foremost local business owners. So, whether you work with us for a reason (e.g. to promote chemical-free cleaning), a season, or a lifetime, we aim to empower entrepreneurship. To find out more about earning a flexible income, while having continued support, click here

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