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New Digital Demo: why this is the best way to buy your cleaning supplies

Sharing an effective way to clean is what we do, but how we do it needs to change right now. If you’ve never held an ENJO Demo, it’s time to try digital, here's why


For 25 years ENJO Business owners have been sharing an easy, effective and healthier way to clean Australian homes by demonstrating how the products work in your home.

Sharing ENJO in your home isn’t a safe option for you or our business owners right now.

To continue to share their passion and make an income safely, we hope you’ll show your support for the Digital Demo.

What is a Digital Demo?


It’s a way for you and your friends and family to learn about a quick, easy + effective way to clean with a local ENJO Business owner online from the comfort of your own homes.

What do you need to hold a Digital Demo?


To hold a Digital Demo you need two things; the internet and a Facebook account.

How does a Digital Demo work?


Like a group Demo in your home, a Digital Demo starts with a chat with your local ENJO Business owner.

Step 1

Contact ENJO HQ who will get the ball rolling. They will find out who your local business owner is and make the connection.

Your local ENJO Business owner will then give you a call to chat about what you'd like to know about ENJO and the products that interest you most.

You can decide what products you’d like to see in action, discuss any cleaning issues you need solutions for and choose a date for your Digital Demo.

Step 2

Your local ENJO Business owner will create a Facebook Event about 1 week before the event date.

Once this is set up, you can invite friends and family members who might be interested too.

Step 3

Before the event date, your ENJO Business owner will introduce themselves to the group and start sharing content that has been tailored to your requests and interests.

Content will include videos, images and posts and will be interactive, giving you and your guests the opportunity to ask questions and share your own posts too.

You can check-in on your event in your own time making this Demo style the most convenient yet.

Step 4

The Facebook event date is when our eDemo online ordering platform will become available.

Your ENJO Business owner will be available to video chat live and will set up a group zoom call to do this. Here they will share all current promotions, payment options, answer questions and help you through the ordering process if you need it.

As the host, you also have access to exclusive rewards like free products, half-price products and credit to spend on your order.

Step 5

Your products are delivered directly to your door and you’re ready to start your chemical-free, reusable cleaning routine.

5 benefits of holding a Digital Demo


Holding an ENJO Demo has plenty of benefits, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a Digital Demo.

1. You discover *all* the benefits of cleaning with ENJO


Starting with a 6x more effective clean to reducing household waste – there are so many benefits to cleaning your home with ENJO and a Digital Demo is a great way to learn them all.

2. You benefit from great value and rewards


Cleaning with reusable cleaning products offers great value to all ENJO Customers.

Choosing to host a Demo means you get free and discounted products too.

3. You stay home while showing support for local business


Staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 saves lives and the ENJO Business is fortunate that it can adapt during this time.

If you’ve thought about switching your cleaning routine to ENJO, support a business owner in your community at the same time.

4. You enjoy long-lasting cleaning supplies delivered to your door


ENJO cleaning products are extremely durable and can keep cleaning your home for 3 years.

Your order will be delivered directly to your door for your convenience.

5. You can join the Digital Demo in your own time


If you’re time-poor and usually find it hard to gather friends and family on the same day, this is the biggest benefit of the Digital Demo.

Prior to the event date, you and your guests can visit the Digital Demo whenever it suits you, and ask questions and read comments in your own time.

Digital Demo FAQs


Q. I don’t have a Facebook account, can I hold a Digital Demo?

A. You do need a Facebook account to hold a Digital Demo, but setting up a temporary Facebook account is no problem.

Your local ENJO Business owner can help you.

Q. What if I don’t understand how to use my products when they arrive?

A. Your local ENJO Business owner will get in touch when your products arrive to make sure you understand how everything works.

If you ever need guidance on your ENJO products they are your support, simply contact them or ENJO Customer Care.

Q. What exclusive rewards do I get for hosting a Digital Demo?

A. If you hold a qualified Digital Demo you could enjoy a free room Bundle, 50% of an item of your choice and 10% ENJO Credit to spend on your own order. 

Your local ENJO Business owner can also offer Digital Demo hosts an exclusive offer.

Q. I’m interested in holding a Digital Demo, do I have to invite guests?

A. Inviting guests is a great way for an ENJO Business owner to share ENJO with more Australian homes and for you, the host, to get great rewards.

However, if you’d prefer a one-on-one Digital Demo you can still get all your ENJO cleaning questions answered and get your cleaning supplied delivered to your door.

Q. Can I support my local ENJO Business owner without holding a Digital Demo?

A. Yes!

If you’re a seasoned ENJO user and would rather shop online you can still support your local business owner by adding their name at the checkout.

To find out who your local business owner is, contact our Customer Care Team.

Q. I'm ready to Digitial Demo, how do I get started?


A. Fill in a few details and we will be in touch.


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