Lagom, the next big home trend for 2017

We have been loving all-things Hygge since the word started popping everywhere; coziness and enjoying life’s simple pleasures is definitely a lifestyle philosophy we like to emulate. Think candles, patterns and textures, delicious foods and creating home hideaways – the prefect spot to curl up with a good book or your favourite blog.

Lagom looks to take things down a notch, loosely translated from the Swedish word that means ‘just the right amount’, it looks to create balance at home, finding perfection in the simple and taking the environment into consideration.

Every season we’re greeted with new trends, attitudes, like and dislikes. What’s hot and what’s not is influenced as much by current affairs and the economy as it is by the trend setters, and we can always rely on the Nordic countries to take the sensible, responsible and moral approach and make if effortlessly cool.

Lagom has its roots firmly fixed in the environmentally conscious, and Scandinavian countries are carving-out an appealing route that allows for the rest of the world to follow in its footsteps and prioritise earth-loving choices.

It’s not about extreme change, just small adjustments to your daily routine that result in sustainable, healthy and cost-conscious living. IKEA have taken the helm, leaders of the Lagom philosophy with their Live Lagom Campaign, promoting lifestyle moderation.

An approach to life rather than a fleeting trend, get in-line with Lagom with these simple changes for a more sustainable home.


Switch to LED lightbulbs, rechargeable batteries and energy saving appliances. Turn out the lights when you leave the room, hang out your clothes to dry, and during the cooler months, use textiles such as throw rugs, blankets and blinds to keep in the heat.


Organise your recycling by keeping separate boxes for cardboard, glass and metal. Reuse jars and boxes that will work well for storage and plan meals effectively, store leftovers in reusable containers.


Time your showers to 5 minutes maximum, if your shower takes time to warm up, use a bucket to capture the running water and use on your garden bed. Turn water off when you’re brushing your teeth and clean with ENJO to reduce cleaning water use by 50%.


Little things like making sure the rings of your hob are clean and working efficiently can save energy. Use one pot cooking and use cast iron pots that retain heat for longer. Pressure cooking reduces cooking time by up to 50% saving both time and energy.


Clean-up without chemical with ENJO and save time and money; fibres last up to three years, reduce water usage, replace countless household chemicals and can be recycled after use reducing landfill waste.


Plastic bottles take a long time to decompose and buying water on the go costs money. Invest in a reusable drinks bottle and stay hydrated when you’re on the go. Check out our recent post for the most stylish, sustainable reusable bottles.


Reduce water use and chemicals polluting the ocean by investing in sustainable skin care. Santé by ENJO look to redefine skin care routines with a range of handcrafted fibre skin care products that remove makeup, cleanse and exfoliate using nothing but skin-loving water, and lasting up to three years, Santé skin care is the earth-loving choice.


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