It’s no time to waste in the kitchen

Top tips to reduce your kitchen waste

Ah the food shop…I think we can all be a bit guilty of going a tad overboard from time-to-time. Whether you get all amped up for a weekly shop, or you undergo the every-night-trolley-dash after work; with busy lives to lead and other things to be getting on with, quick and painless tends to be the number one objective.

It’s not really all that surprising we can be a bit wasteful, piling up our baskets with alluring 3 for 2 offers, convinced buying in bulk saves…and of course there are those perfectly positioned impulse purchases contributing to the waste build-up in our kitchen pantry! Plus, full of good intentions, we can’t very well skip by the fruit and veg aisle without loading up – our 5-a-day starts today…again.

But with food waste already a huge problem for western society, a change to our shopping habits is in order. On average, one in every 5 bags of supermarket shopping is thrown out – that’s every shop. Consider that this waste equates to 4 million tonnes a year in landfill…and that’s just Aussie landfills1…and then consider the energy and resources it took to produce, process, store, transport and purchase these products that end up as waste…seems pretty wasteful.

We say ‘consider this’, knowing all too well that visualising the extent of such waste doesn’t come easy. But as most of us have a part to play in the problem, we’ve put together some simple tips to help reduce your kitchen waste, live more sustainably, and to save you from yourselves during your shopping trip.

There really is no time to waste, from making a simple dinner plan to sustainable cleaning products – these small changes really add up!

1. Make your meal plan

It may seem like a time-consuming step…but to avoid additional waste in your kitchen, creating a meal plan is the way to go. You’ll save time and money at the shops, and you’ll spend less time frequenting your bin.

2. Stick to it

You’ve got your plan – now create your list, and stick to it! It really will make your shopping life so much easier (and faster), especially when you’re faced with tempting offers and impulse buys.

3. Take stock

You’ve got your list…time to reduce waste by avoiding doubling up! Check what you already have in your stores and tick items off your shopping list before you’ve left the house.

4. Needs must

Buying a bag of carrots when you only need one…resist the temptation to spend and ‘save’ and only buy what you need, this is a massive waste reducer – and usually a big money saver.

5. Bag it up

Think sustainable in all you do, and remember your re-usable bags…leaving a stash in the boot of your car will mean you’re never caught without them.

6. Store it right

Correct storage is the key for keeping food fresh for longer. Remove fruits and veggies from bags, use sustainable, re-usable air tight containers, and make sure your fridge is set between 3-4°C.

7. Leftover love

Saving your leftovers is a big waste reducer. You may have enough to freeze, to take for lunch or just scraps for your happy hound – treat your leftovers with love!

8. Sustainable staples

Plan ahead and source sustainable! Cleaning products are must-have items, but disposable spray and wipe cleaning products are toxic and a huge contributor to landfill. Clean with re-usable, longer lasting ENJO fibre products, for safer cleaning without the waste.

9. Compost it

Uncooked veg, fruit, salad, tea, egg shells, ground coffee…all perfect for composting – putting your waste to good use!

10. Grow it

For most, fruit, veg and herbs tend to be the items left limp in the fridge drawer. Grow your own to reduce waste and enjoy pesticide-free, fresh produce and discover the host of health benefits available from growing our own.


1. Oz Harvest

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