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The Best Tips for Intentional Gifting This Holidays

And how to reduce your impact during the most wasteful time of year


Christmas shopping?! We know, we know, truth be told many of us are last-minute shoppers and will leave our Christmas shopping until the day is right around the corner. So why are we talking Christmas shopping and gifts? 

Because in 2020, more than half (53%) of Australian adults received at least one unwanted gift last Christmas. That's the equivalent of 8.5 million people who received something that wasn't of any use to them.

This equates to $572 million of ‘unwanted’ Christmas spending. Clothes and accessories topped the list for unwanted gifts (20%), followed by beauty products (15%) and household items such as furniture, décor or homewares (10%).

So we're here to help you learn how to master the art of intentional gifting and prevent the stress of finding a gift they'll love

Our top tips for the best Christmas presents this year: 

Our biggest tip when it comes to intentional gifting is to think about something they use in their everyday lives. Because a considered gift makes the receiver feel special and thought of. It’s something we all need more than ever.

If they're an ENJO lover, the Multi Tool (released this year) is a great gift for those yet to purchase one! We've also got lots of new and limited-edition items up for grabs this year. Including the much-loved Pet Pack (includes a large, super absorbent Pet Towel). The perfect gift for those with furry friends. 

Our biggest tip of all is don’t overthink the process! Chances are, if you love it, your friends and family will love it too. Think about your favourite things and share that experience with a friend so they can experience it too.

Tip: Try making a list of your favourite everyday items. Perhaps this year focus on the top sustainable products you've fallen in love with! Because mastering the art of intentional gifting means gifting something they will love, need or use. That way you're thinking of the planet during the most wasteful time of year. 

Wrap with purpose this year, and you'll also avoid spending money on wasteful wrapping paper (which only gets tossed in the trash!), by wrapping your gifts in our T-Towels

That's a gift for them and the planet! 

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