How to remove pesky stains (old and new) from carpets and rugs naturally

A stain removing secret weapon everyone needs to own

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of new carpet underfoot or adding a beautiful new rug to a room, they add warmth, texture and colour and really make a space feel like home. There’s also nothing like that heart-stopping moment when you watch that cup of coffee free-fall in slow motion. Daily wear happens, and before long the odd spill here and there can really take its toll on carpets, rugs and soft furnishings.

Cleaning up stains on carpets and rugs can be tricky, you want to get the stain out completely, but you want to do it without ruining the carpet/rug fibres, and that’s the hard part. With so many choices of fabrics and textiles, choosing the right method and products to remove your stain without damage can be overwhelming.

The safest way to ensure you’re not about to damage your expensive rug or carpet is to keep your stain removal process chemical-free. To prolong the life of your carpets and fabrics, follow our quick (and natural) guide to removing stains from your soft furnishings.

How to clean new stains from your carpet or rug

Cleaning up straight after a spill is important, time is of the essence!

For liquid spills, start by grabbing something absorbent, an old towel or t-towel will do the trick. Start blotting the spill from the outside, working inwards; this will help keep the spill contained and prevent it spreading any further.

Depending on the liquid spilt, preventing staining is important, you want to dilute the liquid with water. Be careful not to use so much water that the fabric become waterlogged and the fibres lose their integrity. Using cool water in a trigger spray bottle works best, simply spray the area and then use the towel/t-towel to continue blotting the liquid, again working from the outside inwards.

This should have taken the worst out of the area. Now simply spray your ENJO Fabric Glove so that it’s damp (not wet), and using the striped side of the Fabric Glove clean the area in a soft circular motion from the outside of the stain working inwards. The unique weave of the glove has been specially designed for use on fabrics and leather without the need for chemicals. Be careful not to rub too hard, allow the fibres to do the work, lifting and trapping the stain.

Press the super absorbent ENJO Indoor Miracle over the area to lift the remaining residue and let the area air dry. If the stain is still visible, simply wet the glove and repeat the process, working the glove gently, to avoid damaging the textiles.

How to clean old stains from carpets and rugs 

Sometimes stains seem to appear out of nowhere, you have no idea what caused them or when they happened, but there they are. Old stains can be harder to remove and might need a little extra something to help lift them.

Start by spraying water directly onto the stain. Leave it for a few minutes, this will help break down the old stain matter.

Using ENJO’s Fabric Glove and working from the outside in, use the striped side of the glove in a circular motion.

If the old stain is stubborn and isn’t shifting, add a couple of drops of ENJO’s all natural Washing-up Liquid. Full of powerful plant and mineral extracts, the mild formula will help loosen the stain, leave for a couple of minutes, then add a little extra water. Use the Fabric Glove to lift and trap the dirt.

Use the ENJO Indoor Miracle to gentle take the moisture out of the area and then leave to air dry.

How does ENJO’s Fabric Glove remove stains?

ENJO’s Fabric Glove is the secret to stain free textiles! A blend of two fibre materials that are specially woven to create the perfect surface for cleaning textiles and leather. Adding water works to loosen the dirt/stain, and the ultra-fine wedge-shaped fibres work to lift and trap the material.

Tips for keeping your carpets and rugs clean


Never leave a spill or stain. Start blotting and rinsing as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting.


Always conduct a patch test. Beautiful rugs and carpets are an investment in your home, and the last thing you want to do is damage them while trying to clean them. When using any new product to clean a surface (especially plush textiles), test on an inconspicuous area first.


Unlike hardwood floors and tiles, carpets collect dust, allergens and dirt far more easily, and if not cleaned regularly, the build-up not only makes your rug look dull and dirty – but it can also affect the quality of your indoor air. Make sure you vacuum often (and well), and if you suffer from asthma symptoms in the home, follow our top tips for improving your indoor air quality.


Remove your shoes, simple but effective, especially in high traffic areas. Not only will this help reduce dirty marks and general wear, it will also help detoxify your home!


Organise a deep steam clean twice a year. Carpets and rugs are expensive, and proper care will ensure they continue to look good and last the distance. Steam cleaning will also help rid your textiles of allergens and mould spores.

ENJO’s Fabric Glove is a quiet overachiever that never fails to impress. If you’ve been amazed by the Fabric Glove, share your stain removal story in the comments below!


20 Apr 2020
Awesome content there on how to remove stains from carpets. Definitely going to try some of them
Kim Stone
12 Mar 2018
I have been struggling to clean my rug because of my pet cat (naughty as hell!)always taking the dirt from the lawn to the room. I really think this will help me.
13 Dec 2017
I have a rug carpet which is damaged because of an oil stains. How to remove it?? Which I bought last year. From - delux rugsncarpet.
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