How to prepare your home for the holidays

Clean and green in ten simple steps

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, sparking creativity, fun and generosity. Wholesome meals bring family and friends together, charitable deeds shine a light on the good, and there’s the smells, the lights, the movies and the music, all so familiar they bring a sense of comfort to us creatures of habit.

For all the delights, traditions and memories made during the holidays… a lot of work goes into making this time of year so special, and it’s our homes that take centre stage as the hub for these happy times. Your home embodies the festivities, and with guests coming and going you want it to look its best and manage the hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year.

In the spirit of giving, we’re sharing ten simple, yet effective, tips for preparing your home for a beautiful holiday season! Enjoy and happy holidays!

1. Fridge detox

Now is the perfect time to assess the state of your fridge! No doubt during the festive period it’s going to be full to the brim with fresh produce and ingredients for a mouth-watering festive feast… and after the fact, full of festive leftovers! So now is the time to create a little space and make sure your fridge is clean and safe. ENJO’s Kitchen Glove or Allpurpose Cloths are perfect for cleaning the fridge, the unique fibres lift dirt from those hard to reach areas, and need no chemicals so your food stays protected. Remember to dry off with yourKitchen Miracle to prevent bacterial growth. If you come across any food that’s spoilt, compost where possible!

2. Target a few big-ticket jobs

The festive season marks the end of another year…and sometimes highlights the fact that you still haven’t fixed that thing you’ve had on your ‘to do’ list since January. Life’s busy and fixing all those jobs around the house in time for the holidays is unrealistic. So relax, just pick one or two jobs and be satisfied that you’ve already completed two jobs on your 2017 ‘to do’ list.

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3. Pickling and preserving

This might sound time consuming, but the benefits of pickling and preserving are two-fold this festive season. Firstly, pickling expands the lifespan of your food, so when you detox your fridge, if you have fruits or vegetables that you’re not going to get round to eating, pickling is a delicious alternative that will reduce waste…secondly, did we mention it’s delicious? With guests coming and going during the festive period, pickled vegetables or fruit preserves make a great accompaniment to a simple cheese board you can share among friends.

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4. Storage containers at the ready

When it comes to food, we tend to over-do it during the holidays! Australian Households spent $19 billion on food last festive season1, much of which goes to waste2. When catering for family and friends, running out of food for your guests isn’t ideal, however careful planning can help avoid waste completely. Source local produce that will stay fresher for longer, and make sure you have ample re-usable storage containers ready to go this holiday season. Food that doesn’t get cooked will keep for longer in airtight containers; friends and family can take any leftovers home; or they can go straight into the fridge or freezer.

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5. Declutter

Whether you convert your home into a winter wonderland, or you’re just about the tree, bringing festive trimmings into the home adds charm…but also clutter, so before you bring out your festive decorations, decluttering is a must. Recycle newspapers, letters and fliers that tend to build up on the kitchen counter. Put away shoes and bags that may have accumulated in the hallways and take time to scan each room and donate any items you no longer need to charity. Once you’ve decluttered, create the perfect dust-free setting by removing and trapping dust with the ENJO Dust Glove, your homely treasures will sparkle with a new lease of life.

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6. Get creative with your decorations

Exchanging cards and gift giving is a tradition of the holidays, but it can also lead to a lot of waste with unwanted gifts, cards and wrapping. Repurposing cards and reusing wrapping paper to create beautiful garlands is a great way to prevent waste, and are really effective at creating a festive feeling in your home. You can also repurpose old envelopes into small gift bags.

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7. Make sure you’re BBQ ready

Keep the heat outdoors this festive season by cooking up a storm outside! Living in the southern hemisphere means warmer evenings that are perfect for firing-up the BBQ and inviting friends over. For a better tasting BBQ follow our simple steps from our recent post on cleaning-up chemical-free, and make sure your outdoor area is in tip-top condition, with ENJO’s Outdoor Glove it couldn’t be easier, the durable fibres lift heavy dirt with ease. Looking for BBQ inspiration? Our Nutritional Ambassador Matt Stone has created a delicious prawn and chorizo festive recipe, guaranteed to clean-up at your festive feast.

8. Hygge

From the Norwegian word for well-being3, Hygge (pronounced Hooga)4 means enjoying the good things in life, creating a warm and beautiful atmosphere and surrounding yourself with lovely things that are good for the soul! A philosophy we aim to emulate, the festive season is the time to add a little Hygge to your home with items such as beeswax candles for a warm glow, adding patterns and textures with your festive trimmings and creating hospitable surroundings for family and friends. Find out more about creating Hygge at home here.

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9. Keep it clean

The home is a hive of activity during the holidays, with guests coming and going your floors can be left a little worse for wear. Keep on top of high traffic areas such as the hallway and kitchen with the ENJO Floorcleaner. So quick and simple, you can run a Dust Fibre over your floors in no time, and if your floors are looking grubby, switch to the Floor Fibre that’s the perfect match for your floors and with nothing but a little water, your floors will be immaculate with minimal effort.

10. Keep it green

Managing the recycling can be challenging during the busy holiday season, with gifts and their packaging, there’s all the food and drinks and it’s packaging too. Be ready for the recycling challenge and make sure the whole family stays on top of the recycling by repurposing boxes you already have and clearly labelling the items to go inside.

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