How to clean your home effectively (and safely) if you own a cat

Have you thought about how your cleaning routine could impact your feline friend?


As we're spending more time at home, there’s been a recorded increase in pet adoptions in Australia.

Adopting a pet is a life long commitment and should only be considered for the right reasons, however, it’s nice to think that people who have been planning for a new pet are using this time at home to bond.

Introducing a new pet to the family involves research. A healthy diet, fun toys and a bed for your pet to sleep taking priority.

What’s often overlooked is how we keep our homes clean and how this can impact our pets.

Cleaning when you have a cat 


With a new cat or dog, you’re going to see an increase in dirt and mess around the home.

Hair or fur, paw prints, saliva and mystery messes can be a daily occurrence.

A regular cleaning routine is important for the health and wellbeing of the whole household, but what's the best way to keep your home clean, safely, when you live with cats?

Why the products you choose matter

Cats don’t understand the dangers related to the products we bring into our homes – it’s our responsibility to keep them safe.

Chemical cleaning products contain many, often unnamed, toxic ingredients that we know can be harmful to humans and animals.

Extra consideration should be given to your cleaning routine when you live with a cat for the following reasons.

1. Cats groom themselves... a lot

Cats spend 30-50% of their day in grooming activities.

Cleaning with chemicals on floors or surfaces could mean your cats pick-up chemical residue on their coat and paws which they could ingest when they groom. 

2. Cats are curious by nature

Cats love to explore.

If you clean with chemicals you need to be smart about storage to minimise the risk to your feline friends.

The Pet Poison Helpline ranked household cleaners number 2 of the 5 most common toxins that caused emergencies for cats. 

3. Cats like to spend time indoors

The air inside our home is 5-times more polluted than outdoor air and we know that chemical cleaning products impact indoor air quality and can have negative respiratory implications for humans.

Smaller animals tend to have a faster respiratory rate, this can mean they suffer more toxic exposure from aerosol cleaners.

4. Cats drink water from anywhere

Cats like to drink from high places and the sink or shower might seem like a safer space to be if their water bowl is in a high-traffic area.

If you clean your shower or sink with chemicals, your cat could be at risk of ingesting chemical residue. 

Top cleaning product concerns for cat owners

Strong acidic or alkaline cleaners pose the highest risk due to their corrosive nature


Alkaline products have little taste or smell which can make ingestion more likely according to the Pet Poison Helpline

Common household products containing alkaline include bleach, automatic dishwasher detergents, oven cleaners, lye and drain cleaners.

The Australian Animal Poisons Centre highlights the chemical Benzalkonium Chloride, a disinfecting surfactant found in many household cleaners (including Pine-O-Cleen, Dettol and Powerforce), is a common cause of poisoning in cats.

If your cat shows signs or symptoms such as drooling, fever and tongue and oral ulceration call their helpline on 1300 869 738.

What’s the safest way to clean if you live with a cat?

Living with a feline friend is one (of many) reasons why you might want to consider a chemical-free cleaning routine.

Cleaning without chemicals means removing the risk and helps improve your home's indoor air quality.

But how does it work?

How cleaning without chemicals works

You don’t need harsh chemicals when your cleaning products lift, trap + remove dirt.

Unlike disposable cleaning cloths that work with chemicals, each ENJO fibre is 100-times finer than a human hair and is wedge-shaped.

The unique shape effectively loosens dirt. Adding water creates a capillary action between the fine fibres, lifting and drawing dirt into the fibre.  

Top 5 chemical-free cleaning products for cat owners 


1. The ENJO Floorcleaner

The ENJO Floorcleaner with the Dust Floor Fibre is perfect for picking up hair and dust quickly and effectively.

Using it daily takes less time than making a cuppa (we tested this!), and unlike a vacuum, it has the added bonus of being a quiet way to clean, something most cats appreciate.

Switch to a cleaning fibre that suits the floors in your home and you can clean effectively with just water.

2. The Lint Glove  


A fluffy cat tends to mean fluffy clothes.

The ENJO Lint Glove is the perfect solution to removing lint and cat hair from your clothes in no time.

3. The Kitchen Bundle


No surface is off-limits to most cats, including kitchen benchtops and sinks.

As a clean kitchen is imperative for good health and hygiene it's a room that sees a lot of cleaning action.

Swapping chemicals for the Kitchen Bundle means you have everything you need for a clean and healthy kitchen without a single chemical.

4. The Living Bundle 

Dust and pet dander can be big contributors to asthma and allergies in the home.

The ENJO Dust Glove picks up dust and hair from surfaces, use with a damp Living Miracle to pick up dander from surfaces in living areas.

The Fabric Glove completes the trio as the best way to remove any stains your cat may make from your soft furnishings or leather, all without chemicals.

5. Bathroom Bundle


The bathroom has its cleaning challenges.

The wet, humid environment and frequent use can make the bathroom susceptible to mould and product build-up. 

If your cat likes to drink from the shower tray or rub themselves on the shower screen, fortunately, you don't need to worry about using harsh chemicals.

There are ways to prevent mould and you can keep your bathroom clean with fibre technology and water

For more chemical-free cleaning advice...

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