How reusable cleaning products work

If you like a clean home but you don’t like generating waste, you should try reusable cleaning products

We love seeing single-use products being substituted for reusable alternatives. From coffee cups, straws and shopping bags – slowly, single-use is becoming a thing of the past, but what about other everyday household items that may not be single-use, but ultimately end up as household waste? 

The answer is reusable.

Why does reusable matter?


We share the planet with 7.53 billion people, disposable and single-use aren’t sustainable.

Waste is a huge problem in Australia where 50 million tonnes of waste is being produced each year, equating to 2 tonnes of waste per person. Everything from food waste to plastic and electronic waste is having a huge impact on the environment.

Cleaning products and waste generation


Whether you clean-as-you-go during the week or have a cleaning blitz on the weekend, we all need cleaning products, but the products you buy and how you use them makes a difference.

Traditional cleaning products are disposable. How long they last is dependent upon how often you clean and how much product you use, but once traditional cleaning products run out or become worn out, they become waste. 

Over a year, how many bottles of all-purpose kitchen spray, bathroom cleaner, floor detergents and window cleaner do you get through? How many disposable cloths, sponges and paper towels?

How reusable cleaning products work


Clean, wash, dry, repeat. Reusable cleaning products are specially designed to clean your home, be washed, and then be ready to clean your home again, for three whole years.

How is this possible? This is how ENJO make reusable cleaning products work.

1. Quality durables materials


For cleaning products to be reusable, they need to be made from a quality, durable material and produced to the highest standard. ENJO’s reusable range of cleaning products are made in Vorarlberg in Austria, often referred to as textile Silicon Valley. The raw materials are Okeo-Tex certified, which means they have undergone independent testing and are free from harmful and toxic substances. Each product is individually hand sewn and quality checked and it's this level of care that means ENJO cleaning products are so long-lasting. 

2. Smart fibre technology

Cleaning with traditional products means using chemical formulas that run out quickly and require packaging that ultimately becomes waste. Reusable cleaning products mean replacing harsh chemicals and disposable packaging with patented fibre technology and useful packaging. You can clean entire rooms in your home without a single harsh chemical. Unlike any other fibre cleaning range, ENJO’s fibres are 100-times finer than a human hair and have a unique wedge shape that, when teamed with water, work to loosen, lift and trap dirt, physically removing dirt and bacteria from surfaces in your home.

3. Super-absorbent drying  cloth


Being reusable and removing the need for chemicals means introducing an additional step to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. ENJO works by physically removing the bacteria and trapping it in the weave of the fibre (no harsh chemicals required) and because bacteria and mould like to grow in warm, moist conditions the ENJO cleaning process requires a superabsorbent ENJO Miracle to dry off surfaces.

How to clean your home with reusable cleaning products 

Cleaning with reusable cleaning products is so simple.

1. Choose your product

ENJO has designed a range of clever cleaning products that suit different surfaces and dirt in the home. For example, kitchen products are designed to cut through grease on cooktops and benchtops whereas bathroom products work to remove mineral deposits and soap scum

2. Wet your fibre

To effectively clean your home with ENJO all you need is water (our dust fibres actually require nothing)!  Simply use a trigger spray bottle or tap to wet your fibre and wipe the surface clean like you would with any other cleaning product. 

3. Wipe the surface dry

Patented fibre technology traps and lifts dirt from surfaces, so after cleaning with your fibre, simply dry the surface to prevent bacteria and mould growth with ENJO’s superabsorbent Miracle

4. Wash your products


When it comes to long-lasting, reusable cleaning products, how you care for them is important. When your reusable cleaning products are dirty, simply pop them in your ENJO Laundry Bag and wash with detergent between 40-60°C. For best results dry your reusable products on the line and once they are dry they are ready to clean again.

What are the benefits of reusable cleaning products?

Switching from disposable to reusable comes with so many benefits.

1. Reduce your household waste 

ENJO cleaning products last 3 years which means no empty detergent bottles and no worn out products that need replacing. ENJO also upcycles old fibres into car seats and home insulation. If you have old fibres, simply contact ENJO HQ who will arrange their collection.

2. Improve your home’s indoor air quality

Cleaning with ENJO's reusable cleaning products means cleaning without harsh chemicals that pollute your home’s indoor air quality.

3. Don’t worry about chemical residue

No chemicals mean that there's no chemical residue, no damage to expensive fixtures and fittings and no risk when it comes to homes with children and households with pets.

4. Spend less on cleaning supplies

Reusable cleaning products are an initial investment that saves you money over time.

5. Use less water when cleaning

Cleaning with water actually helps save water as there’s no need for buckets of water and no need to rinse chemicals and their residue from surfaces after cleaning.

6. Reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning

Cleaning with reusable products is faster
, there’s no need for multiple different detergents, no time wasted waiting for chemicals to ‘activate’, and no extra time spent filling and emptying buckets. Simply wet, wipe and dry.

If you like the idea of reusable cleaning products but aren't convinced they will keep your home as clean as chemicals, you can see them in action in your own home for free.


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