How cleaning without chemicals works

Learn how cleaning without chemicals works and why you should give it a try


We’re all home a lot more right now, which means everything gets dirtier so much faster.

Keeping our homes clean is an important and continuous task. You want products that are reliable, simple to use and that get the job done quickly. 

Plenty of households clean with chemicals because they are so readily available and why should we consider alternatives?

Why clean without chemicals?


Finding nourishing foods and personal care products with kind ingredients is easy.

How do we find out what’s in a pre-made meal or new shampoo? We read the label.

Unlike personal care products, cosmetics and food, cleaning products don’t have to provide a complete ingredients list on their label.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) only 7% of cleaning products adequately disclose their contents.

So even if you’re diligent and read the label, it’s not possible to know what you’re bringing into your home without contacting the manufacturer.

Why does label transparency matter? 


Our health.

We know some chemical cleaning products can be dangerous thanks to the warnings they do have to include on the labels.

However, according to EcoWatch, of the 84,000 chemicals on the market, around 1% have been studied for safety.

After assessing more than 2000 cleaning products EWG found 53% contain ingredients known to harm the lungs, and this supports findings of a recent long-term study into cleaning sprays and lung function.

This is just from what we know, without tests the real health implications can't be measured. 

Don't I need chemicals to clean, especially now?


Hygiene and cleanliness are top of mind at the moment.

Understanding the difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting is critical to performing each task properly.

Bleach and other chemicals used to disinfect surfaces become inactive if they come into organic matter.

This means, if the surface isn’t actually clean, sanitising and disinfecting won’t work.

If we're using chemicals to sanitise our homes, removing the need for chemicals when you clean is a great step to improve the air quality and health of your home.

Does cleaning without chemicals work?



If you want to reduce the number of chemicals in your life and be kinder to the environment – cleaning without chemicals is for you.

We have before and after proof, so many reviews and 25 years in business to verify that you can achieve a clean home without chemicals.

Here’s how it works.

How cleaning without chemicals works


Effective engineering.

The reason ENJO cleaning products can clean without chemicals comes down to mechanics – physically removing dirt, oil, grime and bacteria.

Unlike disposable cleaning cloths, everything about the ENJO fibre is designed to remove dirt from surfaces.

1. Carefully selected materials

Each ENJO cleaning product has a slightly different composition of raw materials.

That’s because each has been tested for their cleaning ability and durability. 

2. Fibres 100-times finer than a human hair

The fibres being so fine does a couple of things. It creates a large surface area for picking up dirt and grime and it also means the fibres can reach into crevices for a deeper, more effective clean.

3. Fibres with a unique wedge-shape

The wedges shaped fibres are more effective at loosening and lifting dirt from surfaces than flat fibres.

4. Water + fibre make a powerful pair

When you add water to the surface of the fibre it creates a capillary action, naturally lifting the dirt, bacteria and water from the surface up into the fibre. 

5. Expertly woven materials

ENJO fibres are woven by a variety of methods to suit the product requirements like trapping dust, grease or soap scum.

The dirt then gets trapped in the weave instead of being left behind on the surface.

How to clean without chemicals

It's quick, it's easy, it's effective and there's no chemical residue.

For cleaning simply...

1. Wet the surface and/or your fibre

Just add water. 

If the surface is particularly soiled, let the water sit for 5 minutes.

2. Wipe the surface

As you would clean with chemicals, simply wipe over the surface.

Most ENJO Fibres have two sides, one for more stubborn dirt and the other for quick cleans.

3. Dry the surface

For a streak-free finish and to slow the growth of bacteria, dry the surface you've cleaned with the super absorbent Miracle cloth.

For dusting, skip steps 1 and 3.

We tested our dust fibres and they pick up dust with less disturbance for an overall more effective clean.

Do you have more questions about cleaning chemical-free?

If the answer is yes, there's an ENJO Business owner local to you that can help. 

Find out who they are and have a chat about your cleaning needs.

Want to learn about the range? Hold a Digital Demo where you can receive a discount and free chemical-free cleaning supplies. 



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