The healthiest way to dust your home + keep it dust-free for longer

A must-read for those with asthma, allergies and for those on a quest for a dust-free home

Dusting your home can seem like a never-ending task, and it kind of is. Dust gets everywhere and is continually building every, single, day. Regular dusting is important for a number of reasons, from ensuring good air quality in your home (especially important for people who suffer from asthma), to removing allergens and keeping the space clean and safe.

Remove dust faster, more effectively and without air-polluting products by following our steps for the most effective way to dust. 

What is the most effective away to dust?

Dusting is a tactical cleaning task, and when you’re cleaning your home dusting should always come first!

Step 1

Dust manages to cover all the surfaces in our homes, from the highest shelf or picture rail to your skirting boards and floors. Remember to start from the top and dust light fittings, ceiling fans, window frames and the tops of cupboards and shelves first. A tall Dust Flexi if perfect for reaching up high and even attaches to ENJO’s Floorcleaner pole, perfect for reaching right into those high corners.

Step 2

After dusting all those high and hard to reach areas, it’s time to tackle furniture and décor. Switch to your ENJO Dust Glove to pick-up dust seamlessly. The fibre technology actually lifts and traps the dust within the fibre weave, which means you can avoid furniture polish and other chemical sprays that actually attract dust, meaning your dust-free days are longer. 

Step 3

Next stop, skirting boards and floors. ENJO’s Dust Flexi is great for removing dust from the tops of skirting boards, an area often forgotten, and the great part is, you don’t have to bend to do it.ENJO’s Dust Floor Fibre is a quick and easy way to pick up dust from hard/smooth surface floors. Simply pop the Dust Floor Fibre onto the Floorcleaner and you’re away. ENJO’s Floorcleaner pole can lie horizontally to the ground, making it super easy to reach under beds, tables and couches.

Step 4

Whether you have carpet or not, zipping around with the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from rugs and fabric lounge suites is always a good idea.

Step 5

Swap Floor Fibres and quickly whip around with your ENJO Floorcleaner to clean your floors (with just water) and remove any pesky dust particles you may have missed.

Top ways to minimise dust in your home

Buy a quality doormat

You’ll be surprised at the dust-buffering power of the doormat, invest in quality and you won’t regret it!

Brush pets regularly and do it outside

If you have pets, they are cute little contributors to the daily dust build-up. Brush them often and do it outside to minimise the mess.

Avoid furniture polish

It might bring an immediate shine to your coffee table, but polish attracts dust and you will see a dust build-up much quicker. Opt for a chemical-free shine with a Polishing Cloth!

Use a lint glove on lamp shades

Lamp shades and light fittings literally shine a light on the dust in your home. Using a lint roller or Lint Glove is a great way to physically remove dust quickly and easily.

Clean your ceiling fan

Ceiling fans collect dust – especially if they haven’t been used in a while. Using an old pillowcase is a neat and nifty way to remove dust from ceiling fans without getting dust everywhere. Simply place the fan blade into the opening of the pillowcase, then drag the pillowcase towards you. The dust from the fan goes straight into the pillowcase – clean and clever!

Dust-bust your floors daily

Sweeping your floors daily sounds horrible, but it will make a big difference. Keep your ENJO Dust Floor Fibre attached to your Floorcleaner, and keep your Floorcleaner in an easy-access area. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can clean your floors – we put it to the test – and it’s quick.


03 Apr 2018
I vacuum it with a Dyson Stick Vac, which doesn't put the dust back into the room. I do this 2 step process as the Enjo is quicker and a better cleaner for dust. I go over the hard floor surface with Enjo dust floor cleaner ,and bring the larger bits into pile/s and then vac the pile/s and the Enjo Fibre whilst still attached. When full i then emtpy the Dyson canister into a bin outside. I also wash the fibre weekly.
03 Feb 2018
All great to do the floor dusting with the fibre, but please tell me an easy way to get it off the fibre and into the bin.
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