Green clean your shower screen in less than 2 minutes

We tend to use the shower every day, so it’s no surprise our showers are one of the first areas in the bathroom to see a build-up of dirt, calcium, lime and mould. Plus shower screens serve a purpose, they screen the rest of your bathroom from water going everywhere, and after they have done their thing, of course we’re left with unsightly water marks.

The sole purpose of our shower is to get ourselves clean…so having a shower in a clean shower just makes sense. And we’ve got the super smart, secret weapon for shower cleaning that once you try, you won’t want to be without…especially when we tell you it takes less than 2 minutes to use and requires no harmful chemicals.

So what do you need…

Three tools, nothing more, nothing less to achieve a naturally clean shower screen like no other. The ENJO Indoor Window Cleaner (with fibre), ENJO Bathroom Miracle and water!

For daily/weekly maintenance…


Wet the ENJO window fibre under the tap. Squeeze out any excess water.


Attach the ENJO window fibre to the ENJO window cleaner and close the press stud.


Use your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle to spray water on the inside of your shower screen first.

Tip: Water acts as the solvent, and leaving dirtier areas to ‘soak’ will make cleaning with ENJO even easier.


Use the damp window fibre to clean the outside of your shower screen first. The fibre will loosen and trap dirt, lime and calcium.

Tip: Always start from the cleanest area and work your way to the dirtiest.


Flip the window cleaner and use the blade to remove water from the screen starting from top to bottom.


Use the ENJO Bathroom Miracle to dry and polish the screen for a watermark-free, streak-free finish.

Tip: Keeping your bathroom dry with the absorbent Bathroom Miracle helps prevent mould and bacterial growth.

Now repeat from STEP FOUR onwards on the inside of your shower screen…and ta-dah(!) you have a super clean shower screen, with no chemicals and no chemical residue.

And the best thing about this handy shower hero is, the fibres work their wonders for up to three years, simply wash when dirty and start a-fresh.

For a monthly deep clean and tough stains…

Maybe your bathroom is older, or maybe there’s been a heavy build-up of calcium from hard water; whatever the reason, we have the solution to keeping your shower and shower screen squeaky clean.

Use a little ENJO Calcium Dissolver^ with your ENJO window fibre, just a few drops, and let it sit. This will help your ENJO fibres remove more stubborn stains and build-up.

^Not suitable for marble, granite, brass or gold surfaces

01 May 2017
Hi, I have a client who has four bathrooms. There is buildup half way down the shower screen and she has tiles that if the calcium drips on to it it takes the colour out. Is there anything else that we can use to get the build up off. Thanks
Kee Wai
12 Apr 2017
How so you use the product to clean mould?
08 Apr 2017
I like to use the green kitchen miracle cloth on my shower screen. It polishes the stainless steel fittings as well as gives a streak free finish.
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