How to green clean your shower screen in less than 2 minutes

Want a clean shower screen quickly, without excessive scrubbing or toxic fumes? Your crystal clear shower screen awaits.


Shower screens serve one purpose, preventing the rest of your bathroom from getting wet when you shower.

Dirt, calcium, soap scum, mould, limescale and watermarks are all common shower screen problems.

Thanks to regular use and wet conditions dirt builds up quickly. To prevent the build-up a quick way to clean is the only solution. 

What is the quickest way to clean your shower screen?


No harsh chemicals, no vinegar, no lemon and no baking powder make ENJO’s Bathroom Multi Tool Bundle a super quick way to keep your shower screen clean and streak-free.

The Multi Tool, Bathroom Fibre and Bathroom Miracle are the only tools you need to achieve a naturally clean shower screen like no other for three whole years.


How to green clean your shower screen with ENJO

Cleaning with ENJO isn’t only fast, it’s simple and safe too.

Step 1

Wet your ENJO Bathroom Multi Tool Fibre under the tap and squeeze out any excess water. 

Step 2

Attach the fibre to the Multi Tool.

Tip: the blade attachment on the Multi Tool can be removed and fits both ways, simply press the round ‘push’ button on the handle.

Step 3

Use your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle to spray water on the inside of your shower screen first.

Tip: water acts as the solvent when cleaning without chemicals. Spraying the dirtiest areas first allows the water to soften the dirt.

Step 4

Use the damp fibre to clean the outside of your shower screen first. The fibre will loosen and trap dirt, lime and calcium.

Tip: always start cleaning the cleanest area first, dirtiest area last.

Step 5

Make sure the blade is attached and use this to remove water from the shower screen from top to bottom.

Tip: fold your Bathroom Miracle in four and use it to dry your blade as you go.

Step 6

Using a dry side of your Bathroom Miracle dry and polish the screen for a watermark-free, streak-free finish.

Tip: keeping your bathroom dry with the super absorbent Bathroom Miracle helps prevent mould and bacterial growth.

Repeat the process from step 4 onwards on the inside of your shower screen…and ta-dah(!) you have a super clean shower screen, with no chemicals and no chemical residue.

Step 7

ENJO’s range of cleaning products are reusable for up to three years.

To reuse, simply remove your fibre from the Multi Tool and place in the laundry bag provided.

Follow our care instructions and wash with your next load.

How to clean a really dirty shower screen with ENJO (quickly)

Maybe your bathroom is older or has a heavy build-up of calcium from hard water.

For stubborn stains or build-up you can give your shower screen a helping hand with ENJO’s Calcium Dissolver*.

Full of fruit acids that help ENJO fibres loosen build-up, dilute 20 drops into 500ml of water or simply add a very small amount of Calcium Dissolver directly to your fibre.

Clean the shower screen glass with your fibre.

Leave the Calcium Dissolver* to work for 1-2 minutes, rinse and then use the Multi Tool blade and Bathroom Miracle to dry your screen.

Don't believe ENJO can really clean without harsh chemicals?

Check out these ENJO clean before and afters.

Still not convinced?

To see ENJO in action on your own shower screen fill in your details and a local ENJO consultant will be in touch. 


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Why choose a green cleaner for the bathroom?

Choosing to avoid chemicals and opt for a green or eco cleaning product is a good idea for any room in the home.

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the home and often have small windows for privacy.

Small room, minimal ventilation and water vapour create the perfect environment for mould. Adding chemical cleaning products is a recipe for poor indoor air quality.

There are plenty of ways you can help prevent bathroom mould and improve your home’s indoor air quality and choosing non-toxic cleaning products is one of them.  

Find out why ENJO is the greenest way to cleanhow to clean your bathroom without a single harsh chemical and plenty more cleaning tips on Living with ENJO.


*Not suitable for marble, granite, brass or gold surfaces


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21 Jun 2018
Keep posting such kind of information on your page. Amazing things here. I am very glad to see your post. Thanks so much and I am taking a look ahead to touch you.

01 May 2017
Hi, I have a client who has four bathrooms. There is buildup half way down the shower screen and she has tiles that if the calcium drips on to it it takes the colour out. Is there anything else that we can use to get the build up off. Thanks
Kee Wai
12 Apr 2017
How so you use the product to clean mould?
08 Apr 2017
I like to use the green kitchen miracle cloth on my shower screen. It polishes the stainless steel fittings as well as gives a streak free finish.
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