Father's day feast

Something delicious for Dad this Father's Day.

Father’s Day can be a toughie – let’s face it, we’re never going to find a gift that’s truly worthy of the Father figure in our lives. And, more often than not it’s a man’s prerogative to a) not like a fuss, b) already have EVERYTHING, c) be notoriously tricky to buy for… or if you’re really lucky d) all of the above. So what should you buy Dad this Father’s Day?

Assuming he doesn’t need another tie or pair of novelty socks, steer clear of the usual suspects and make a fuss of the Father figure in your life through a guaranteed source of happiness – food!

You know what they say, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and with a super delicious Father’s Day feast even the pickiest parental is sure to feel the love.

And who better to talk us through how to cook your Dad the perfect steak for Father’s Day than ENJO ambassador and sustainable chef Matt Stone? All about preparing fresh, sustainable, locally-sourced foods, Matt tells us how with these values, and a little love, you can create the illusive perfect steak at home this Father’s Day.

1. Buy local

Support local, responsible farmers by choosing meat that’s sustainably raised. Remember, it’s quality over quantity and you’ll really taste the difference.

2. BBQ

Without question, the BBQ is the best place to cook your sustainably sourced produce!

3. Warm up

Don’t take your meat straight from the fridge to the BBQ, leave it to warm up to room temperature for about 30 minutes, this will give your steak an even cook throughout.

4. It’s all about the prep

Coat your meat in olive oil, this is the cooking medium for your steak, so you want to make sure it’s properly covered. Then season with sea salt.

5. Get grillin’

Place your steak on the grill and make sure you press down for an even cook. Before turning your steak check the meat isn’t sticking to the BBQ, if it is, this means it hasn’t caramelised properly, you need to leave it on for a bit longer.

6. Flip it

Considering how you want your steak cooked and the thickness of your meat, the other side of your steak might not need as long on the BBQ.

7. Rest it

When you take your steak off the BBQ, you need to let it rest. The meat will lose less juice making your steak juicier and tastier than ever!

8. Slice it right

Cutting your steak to share is the perfect way when feasting! Use long knife strokes and slice against the grain for a tender juicy cut.

9. When life gives you lemons…

…squeeze them on your steak! The lemon’s acidity cuts through the BBQ char enhancing the delicious flavour of the meat.

10. Clean up

Wait until you’re finished feasting first, but cleaning up the BBQ has to be done! ENJO makes the clean-up job super simple – wet, wipe and dry with water – you’re done. To clean your BBQ chemical free, check out ENJO’s BBQ glove.

And what goes better with steak than chips? A sharing classic, why not sweeten the deal and opt for a baked sweet potato chip. Cut your potato into ¼ inch strips and season with minced garlic, sweet paprika, sea salt and olive oil, bake at 200 degrees until crispy and sprinkle with parmesan.

Serve up with a salad of your choice and voila – Father’s Day feasting at it’s finest.

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