Everything you need to know about our Helpers Range

Need a little help cleaning some heavy-duty dirt? Or just looking to keep things natural? Here’s all you need to know about our Helpers Range (and why you’ll love them)


We’re all about cleaning without harsh chemicals, fibre technology and water is enough to clean your home effectively in half the time.

We’re also realists.

We know that cleaning certain areas of your home (like your oven and shower screen) aren’t always high on your list of priorities.

Baked-on oven mess and layers of soap scum can sometime need a little extra help to come clean. This is why we created our Helpers Range.

Including only earth-friendly ingredients in concentrated formulas, a little help from this range goes a long way to help maintain a chemical-free cleaning routine and a super-clean home.

About our Helpers Range


Just like our fibre products, our Natural Helpers Collection is made in Austria and was created with the environment in mind

Harnessing the natural cleaning power of plant and mineral extracts, our natural helper’s formulas are free of harsh ingredients (including phosphates, parabens and SLS), environmentally sustainable (palm oil free), and are ultra-concentrated allowing us to offer great value.

Working with the power of fibre technology, here’s how our Helpers Range could give you a little helping hand.

Marble Paste


What is Marble Paste?

Marble Paste is a powerful paste-like cleaning aid made up of 3 core components that work together to shift stubborn dirt without the need for anything toxic.

Finely ground marble powder acts as a mild abrasive. Combined with ENJOtex fibres it works to effectively loosen stains from surfaces.

Vegetable-based surfactants (such as sugar beet, sugar cane, corn and coconut fat) help water itself clean more effectively and penetrate, loosen and trap strains (instead of just moving dirt around). 

Orange peel oil acts as a mild fragrance and cleaning intensifier.

What is it used for? 


Marble Pastes main domain is the kitchen (but it can work wonders in other areas of the home too).

It’s perfect for cleaning stains on ceramic hobs and ovens, stainless steel, extractor hoods, pots, baking trays, oven dishes, grills and ovens.

Bathrooms can benefit from Marble Paste if you notice you’ve got grimy grout. Use a little with the Bathroom Sponge to help lift those layers.

Come spring time, add a little Marble Paste to your Outdoor Fibre to remove heavy dirt from furniture with ease.

How to use Marble Paste


Add a little water to the ENJO Fibre of your choice and dip this into the tub.

The water will create the paste-like consistency.

Apply to the stain and clean as you normally would with your ENJO Fibre.

If the stain is particularly stubborn, leave the Marble Paste to sit for up to 5 minutes.

Rinse and dry.

Once the stain is lifted, maintain your normal chemical-free cleaning routine with your ENJO Fibres and water.

Why you'll love it


It contains no harsh ingredients so it’s safe to use on surfaces in your home with no worries.

It’s great for cleaning rust stains and corroded surfaces.

The formula is extremely mild, free of artificial colours and the fragrance was carefully considered to prevent irritation.

Stubborn stains don’t need much of this powerful paste which means it lasts a long time.

It’s biodegradable to OECD standards.

It’s long-lasting, which means less waste plus the tub is reusable, simply clean to reuse. 

Things to note

After use let the Marble Paste dry out before putting the lid back on.

Check manufacturer details before using on products with special coatings (or to be safe always test on an inconspicuous area first).

Calcium Dissolver


What is Calcium Dissolver?


Calcium Dissolver is an ultra-concentrated liquid cleaner made up of high-quality fruit acids that help dissolve calcium and mineral build-up commonly found in the bathroom and laundry.

Ingredients include citric and lactic acid, sugar surfactants, orange peel and lemon grass oil.

The citric and lactic acids remove mineral deposits while the surfactants act as a cleaning intensifier. 

What is it used for?


Calcium Dissolver is designed to lift heavy mineral and limescale deposits in bathrooms, showers and laundry rooms.

Perfect for lifting layers of deposit from shower screens, tiles, tapware and toilets.

How to use Calcium Dissolver


For large areas (like shower screens) dilute 20 drops in 500ml of water, spray the surface and clean with your ENJO Bathroom fibre. Rinse well and dry.

For small areas or heavy build up (around taps) apply a small amount of Calcium Dissolver to the ENJO fibre and clean the surface. Rinse well and dry.

For heavy build up leave the Calcium Dissolver to work for a couple of minutes.

Why you'll love it


It works! It quickly and effectively removes mineral build-up.

There’s nothing worse than using toxic chemicals in a small space like the bathroom. Calcium Dissolver is non-toxic and contains no artificial colours or fragrance.

It helps lift and remove ugly rust stains to help tapware, basins and metal shower screens look like new.

Once applied, Calcium Dissolver has a continued repellent that acts as a long-lasting corrosive protection.

Like Marble Paste, only a small amount of Calcium Dissolver is required to be effective meaning it last a long time, saving money and reducing waste.

Things to note


Do no leave Calcium Dissolver on a surface for an extended period, always test on an inconspicuous area first and avoid use on marble, stone and delicate surfaces.

Calcium Dissolver isn’t suitable for marble, granite, brass or gold surfaces.

Leather & Wood Balm


What is Leather & Wood Balm?


Leather & Wood Balm is a naturally nourishing waxy formula that helps bring life back to old leather and wood furnishings in your home.

The beeswax helps seal and protect wood and leather from drying out.

How to use Leather & Wood Balm


Apply the balm directly to your Polishing Cloth.

Simply buff the surface in a soft circular motion.

Why you'll love it


It’s all natural and helps breathe life back into tired looking wood and leather furnishings.

It smells lovely and adds a beautiful sheen to wooden furniture.

A little goes a long way, plus it offers long-lasting nourishment which makes it super long-lasting.

The formula is extremely mild, free of artificial colours and the fragrance was carefully considered to prevent irritation.

The tub is reusable, simply clean to reuse.

Things to note


Always test on an inconspicuous area first, especially if using on light coloured leather.

Laundry Liquid


What's different about our Laundry Liquid?


Designed with the environment in mind, the ENJO Laundry Liquid is an ultra-concentrated formula containing plant-based ingredients and essential oils.

No synthetic ingredients, phosphates or parabens

The plant-based ingredients and essential oils offer a simply brilliant clean while being gentle on natural fibres, sensitive skin and the environment.

ENJO’s Laundry Liquid was created with the environment in mind, containing no synthetic ingredients, phosphates or parabens.

How to use our Laundry Liquid 


As our Laundry Liquid is super concentrated, you really don’t need much to get your clothes clean.

If you’re machine washing a standard size load (4-5kg dry laundry), add 5 pumps to the drawer or directly to the drum, double this for a large load.

If you’re handwashing, use 4-6 drops per 10 litres of water .

Why you'll love it


Quite simply, only natural, plant- and mineral-based ingredients make-up our mild laundry liquid, which means it’s kind to sensitive skin.

A little goes a long way and you can buy in bulk, for long-lasting laundry supplies with minimal waste opt for our 3L option.

It’s suitable for whites and coloured loads and is super kind on natural fibres like cotton, linen, wool and silk.

In addition to being free from harsh ingredients, our Laundry Liquid is palm oil free.

Things to note


Owing to the the natural nature of the ingredients, the colour and viscosity may vary, but this has no effect on the quality of the clean.

Washing-up Liquid


What's different about our Washing-up Liquid?


It’s a natural solution full of powerful plant- and mineral-based ingredients that helps ENJO Kitchen fibres remove food and stubborn dirt from cookware and dinnerware with ease.

No palm oil, no harsh ingredients and it's ultra concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

How to use our Washing-up Liquid?


All you need is 3 pumps (6ml) for a medium load of dishes.

Add directly to your sink, adjust to up to 5 pumps (10ml) for a large load.

Use with the ENJO Kitchen Sponge to keep your dishes clean.

Why you'll love it


Kind ingredients care for your skin, so no more dry cracked hands after you've finished the dishes.  

Teamed with ENJOtex Fibres, this ultra-concentrated formulated means a little goes a long way, for long-lasting washing-up supplies with minimal waste.

Available in 300ml at $0.32 per load or a 1L bottles at $0.23 per load.

Feel good that no nasty ingredients are going down the drain.

Things to note


Owing to the the natural nature of the ingredients, the colour and viscosity may vary, but this has no effect on the quality of the clean.

Dishwashing Liquid


What's different about our Dishwashing Liquid?


A dishwasher is a great way to reduce water waste, and now you can choose a natural solution that's packed with plant- and mineral-based ingredients to clean dirt and residue from cookware, dinnerware and glassware with ease.

No palm oil, no harsh ingredients, this ultra-concentrated formula is made to last.

How to use our Dishwashing Liquid?


Pour 10ml per standard load directly into the dosage chamber of your machine.

Adjust to up to 20ml for large loads or in hard water areas. 

Why you'll love it


It cleans your dishes!

This formula is 100% biodegradable and sustainably produced and contains nothing nasty (like phosphates or parabens).


Learn more about our Helper and offers on the ENJO range this month.

Patricia Willans
29 Aug 2020
Absolutely love MARBLE PASTE. Had marks in the toilet when we moved into the house, tried other stuff to no avail, Marble Pasts did the job perfectly
The range hood looked like it had never been cleaned and was disgusting - again Marble Pasts and it looked like new. Also ideal for keeping the oven racks clean I do a lot of baking. Would not be without it.
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