Do one thing and save 598 litres of water a year

Change starts at home, change one simple thing to save water, money and to help the environment


As a country that experiences extreme heat and prolonged droughts, we’re really bad at conserving water.

Most Australian homes waste 80% of the planet's most important resource. 

It can be easy to forget that the Earth’s water supply is finite, it might not always feel like it, but we do not have an endless supply.

This is why we all need to consider our own water use as water scarcity becomes more prevalent.

Why is water becoming scarcer?

Water scarcity can be hard to understand when you’re fortunate to have access to safe water in your own home, but it’s a reality for 748 million people around the world. This number is increasing every year. 

In just 5 years from now, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions as a result of use, growth and climate change. 

Governments across the world need to put strategies in place to better re-use household wastewater, improve sewage systems and to tackle the biggest source of water consumption in most countries, electricity.

While big changes to how we manage water need to be made, it’s important to promote thoughtful water use and to save water in our own homes.

Why save water at home?


Like most things that have a global impact, it can be easy to feel like your actions alone won't make a difference.

However, if we all make even small changes together, the impact can be significant.

Just think, if you could save 1 litre of water a week, it really wouldn’t feel like much, but if everyone in Australia saves a litre of water a week, that’s 5,279,261 gallons of water.

That’s almost 8 Olympic size swimming pools in a single week by saving as little as 1 litre of water.

If everyone makes changes to how they use water at home we will see real change that will benefit your community in many ways.

How saving water helps your community

Being conservative with your water use can help minimise the effect of drought and water shortages.

Using less water will also help protect and conserve the environment as less energy will be needed to treat wasted water.

Minimising water use helps ensure water is available for essential industries like agriculture to ensure we have a stable food supply.

It also means water is available for services that keep our communities safe like hospitals and fire stations, in addition to services that make our communities nice places to live like restaurants and gyms.

How could you save 598 litres of water a year? 

By changing how you clean your floors.

Cleaning is something we do daily that uses water, which means how you clean can make a difference to your water consumption.

We know that as a cleaning routine ENJO minimises your water waste.

Replacing chemicals with fibre technology means no rinsing chemical residue, helping minimise water use and contaminated wastewater. 

Cleaning your floors can be a big water waster if you use a mop and bucket. 

By filling a standard 12 litre bucket of water once a week, you're using 624 litres of water to keep your floors clean in a single year.

We know that most ENJO households clean all the floors in their home with just 500mls of water in their Trigger Spray Bottle

This means in a year you use just 26 litres of water to clean your floors, saving 598 litres of water in one year compared with a mop and bucket. 

Taking into account that the ENJO floor cleaning system lasts 3 years, as a household, you could save 1794 litres of water just by changing how you keep your floors clean.

For more water-saving tips

Read our posts on saving water outdoors and how to reduce your water waste in every area of your home. 


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