• 19 Jun 2017
Do flexible incomes really exist?

A way to work that is working

The elusive ‘work-life’ balance and ‘having it all’ is something that has become embedded in western culture, and for the most part, it isn’t working.

We’ve reached a point in time where living up to the demands of our modern lifestyles means women need to (want to, or are expected to) ‘have it all’, and this generally means a high flying career and a family too. However, not much has changed within the workplace to make ‘having it all’ truly attainable.

Although in many cases households require two incomes, most men and women also want fulfilling careers, are interested and educated, and above all else they want the choice to have a family and continue to earn.

Working for someone else requires you to make commitments you may not want to make, most notably with your time. Time is our most precious resource, and thinking about having a family means having to decide how you are going to spend your time, on top of the financial implications.

As it tends to be women who still take the ‘stay at home’ parenting role, owing to inflexible working conditions the Australian workforce is losing talented, ambitious women year after year. Approximately 30% of the most talented women leave the workforce for good after having a child, however 70% of those women would have continued their career if flexible working conditions were available to them1.

With women needing and wanting to work, where can they find the opportunity?

Thankfully, the way talented people are choosing to work is changing, we are moving away from full-time, single-sourced incomes, and technology has enabled a working environment that is far more flexible and customizable to your needs.

ENJO Australia sees flexibility in business as a priority, and has offered a solution to a flexible working income, allowing thousands of talented men and women to continue to contribute to the Australian workforce for over 24 years while learning all about running their own business.

So how does running your own ENJO Business really work?

ENJO is a direct and social selling business, you buy your own ENJO Business (like a franchise) and introduce the ENJO brand to homes around Australia, earning commission on your sales. It’s simple.

Having your own ENJO Business means you work the hours that work for you, but you’re also part of a wider ENJO team, so you have all the support, marketing collateral and online training readily available to make the most of your business as soon as you start.

Sales and training is continuous and you learn the best way to demonstrate ENJO products and build your own database of Customers, you even make commission on online sales. To date, the ENJO opportunity has seen over thousands of ENJO consultants (ENJOpreneurs) own their own business over 24 years, and the reallygreat thing is you’re an ambassador for an internationally recognised brand, selling a product that’s not only relevant, it’s future proof.

Do you need experience to buy an ENJO Business?

An ENJO Business is not only a great opportunity to generate an income on your own terms, it’s also a great way to learn how to run a business within the safety net of an established Aussie household brand. No experience is required, all the training and support is available once you decide running an ENJO Business will work for you.

How much can I earn?

ENJOpreneurs earn between 20-41% commissions on their sales. How much you earn depends entirely on how much you work, but for example, by holding one Demo a week on weekends or in your spare time, you can earn up to $1150 per month.

How do you get started?

Step one is to head to the ‘become an ENJOpreneur page on the ENJO website, and send an enquiry. A member of the team at ENJO HQ will be in touch and you can find out more, ask all your questions and organise starting your own business.

How much does it cost to buy an ENJO Business?

The ENJO Business Builder Kit is just $699 and can be purchased through afterpay in four instalments of $174.75. Your Business Builder Kit is delivered directly to your home and it includes everything you need start earning.

Want more information about ENJO and the opportunity available?

Head to enjo.com.au or register your interest for ENJO’s upcoming business event.

Perth | 8 August 2017 6.30pm | Fraser’s function centre, Kings Park

Sydney | 5 September 6pm | Shangri-la hotel

Melbourne | 7 September 6pm | Crown Melbourne

If you’re unable to attend, you can join the event via webinar log-in, simply register your interest for the event and we will send you the log-in information, simply make sure you have an internet connection to join.

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