Common areas of the home we forget to clean, but definitely shouldn’t

Common areas of the home we forget to clean, but definitely shouldn’t

For zero cleaning regrets, don’t forget about these areas

Every household tends to generate its own cleaning routine. It’s not something we write down or necessarily enforce, but a routine materialises to help us streamline the cleaning process, making it as quick (and pain-free) as possible.

Routine is great, but depending on how thorough your routine is, certain areas of the home get overlooked, generally because those areas are out-of-sight (and therefore out of mind), or it’s an area of the home used so frequently it’s hiding in plain sight.

We’re not saying you need to add these areas to your routine, but from time-to-time make sure you hit them with your cleaning supplies.

The sink

In most busy households the sink is often ‘in use’ for a variety of cleaning tasks. So much so, that cleaning the actual sink isn’t carried out as much as it should be. Considering the sink is a place you’d like to get your dishes clean, it should be clean, so remember to clean it before or after each use.

Under the bed

Out of sight out of mind. Under the bed is where dust collects, and without proper cleaning, it’s where it stays, but the bedroom is the last place you want covered in dust (especially if you suffer from asthma and allergies). Cleaning under the bed doesn’t have to be an ordeal, ENJO’s Floorcleaner is ergonomically designed for comfortable cleaning from every angle. When sliding the Dust Floor Fibre under the bed, the Floorcleaner handle can lie flat, horizontal to the floor allowing you to reach all the way under the bed no problem.

Behind and under the fridge

You're far more likely to clean inside your fridge than behind it, but cleaning behind the fridge once or twice a year is important for a number of reasons; to get rid of all the dust and crumbs that get stuck back there, and to ensure your fridge is functioning effectively. The condenser coils that sit behind the fridge are responsible for condensing the refrigerant that keeps your fridge cool, and if they become clogged with dirt and dust, they will become less efficient at keeping your fridge cool and could end up consuming more energy. Before cleaning make sure you switch off your fridge and if you haven’t cleaned your condenser coils before, consult your manual or an expert.

Kitchen cupboard doors and handles

Think about how often you open and close your kitchen cupboard doors… and then think about how often you clean them. Often overlooked, kitchen cupboards and their handles see a lot of use and are in the prime position for spills and splashes. Remember to give them a quick wet, wipe and dry with an ENJO Kitchen Allpurpose and Miracle to ensure they are clean and dry, which is important for preventing bacteria.


I think it’s safe to say we don’t often think about cleaning our walls, they blend into the background of the home; but if you look a little closer, you’ll probably see scuffs, dust and a few mystery marks. ENJO’s Dust Floor Fibre is great for attaching to the Floorcleaner and giving the walls a dust, you’ll be able to reach up high and cover a large surface area pretty quickly. For scuffs and stains, try using a little water with your ENJO Allpurpose Cloth, if this isn’t working, a gentle abrasive like Marble Paste could help lift and loosen the stain. When trying any new product on your walls, always test in an area out of sight first.

The bin

A household essential used daily but easily forgotten about when it comes to actually cleaning the kitchen. Keep the exterior of your bin clean with regular wiping and drying (especially if your bin is out on display or has a stainless steel finish). Cleaning the interior is also important, add a little hot water to the bottom of your empty bin with a couple of pumps of a natural washing-up detergent and give it a scrub.

Tip. If cleaning with ENJO, clean your bin last before popping your kitchen fibres into the wash.

Skirting boards

Like the walls, skirting boards are another area of the home we tend not to prioritise when it comes to cleaning, but because they offer a ledge close to the floor, they collect a lot of dust. Whip out the Dust Flexi and glide along your skirting to knock off the dust just before you vacuum.

Light switches and remote controls

A quick and simple clean, it’s just remembering to do it. A slightly damp Miracle does the job.

Your cleaning products

Unless you already clean with ENJO this is probably something you never think about as plastic spray bottles get recycled and cleaning rags, cloths and paper towel get thrown away. If you choose to clean your home with ENJO, not only will you be removing chemicals from your home, you’ll be saving time and money as the products last up to 3 years, simply remember to wash your products in the ENJO Laundry Bag after each use.


14 May 2018
My bathroom mini cloth is very discoloured, is there any secret to getting same back to normal.
I put all cloths in the Laundy bag and wash in the washing machine but it’s still very discoloured.
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